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Cash for Bloggers

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I’ve been looking into this Cash for Clunkers program. I was hoping to bring in my old ’94 Pathfinder fora down payment on a Toyota Matrix. Well, last night on my way to work, I found out the government is suspending it. Fercryin out loud! Man. So much for that plan. Just a bit of a letdown, is all.

I just saw Into the Woods, a show that some of my younger friends from Wanda’s World were in. Surprisingly, for those who know the show, they did the whole thing. Now I might be biased (might? no. I am.), but I thought my Showstopper pals were great. As in, better than the other kids. Although, one of them had a good singing voice. Korina and Alena were my favorites in the show. Now that’s not to say Dillon, Danielle, Matthew, or the Sarahs were no bueno, they did excellent jobs. I’m familiar with their work and I could see how they have grown as performers. But Alena and Korina were chorus members in Wanda’s World and didn’t really have a chance to shine like they did with these meaty roles.

Tomorrow night, or tonight I should say (I’m blogging at work again-posting later) I plan on going to the opening night of Sweeney Todd and then Sat the opening of Little Shop of Horrors, which I’m really looking forward to. Little Shop has a special place in my heart. It was my last show as a high school senior and I did it at St. Ed’s and the remount the following summer. Little Shop is the also show that formed two of my longest lasting friendships: with Sacha and Josh.  As a matter of fact, it was during that show that Josh gave me the now infamous Boba Fett standup for my birthday. And Sweeney Todd was, I think, the first show I saw in Austin when I moved here many moons ago. I’m also picking up an extra shift on Sat night. On top of that, its the closing weekend for Frog Prince. I wouldn’t mind working with those peeps again, I must say. It’s too bad we never had a cast party, I was looking forward to the toast.

Yeah, pretty busy weekend. Hopefully at some point during this I’ll get to watch Green Lantern:First Flight, which I just bought. Been wanting to watch that since I bought it on Tuesday. I watched one of the bonus tidbits on it about the next animated feature from DC which is Batman/Superman: Public Enemies and I’m pretty jazzed about that one. The soup is still good and going strong-had some while watching it before heading to Woods.

I recently have been watching some older movies I haven’t watched in ages. I totally forgot how good of a movie *batteries not included is. I highly recommend re-watching it. And keep your eyes peeled for a young Luis Guzman as an extra in the background. Johnny Dangerously was another one. That movie was just as funny as I remember it; thankfully it still had the Weird Al song for the title credits. Not sure why, but I think there was some legal issues with the song and it wasn’t the VHS release.. or maybe television airings, I don’t remember which. I just remember NOT hearing it and thinking, “waitaminute…”

And apparenlty there was a preview show for Sweeney Todd… Thanks for telling/inviting me David, Michael, or Jacob! (that’s what I like to call sarcasm, folks)

That’s all from the pulpit today.

P.S. While battling some insomnia, I found something out. I’m an idiot. Well, that part I already knew. BIG moron typing here. No, I found out Sweeney OPENED last night, it wasn’t a tech. Whoops. Sorry, gang.


Come and Blog it

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I come from a modest sized family. I’m the youngest of five. Now, you may find this hard to believe, but I like to eat. I used to be quite the Levi Chubbs growing up. Of course it didn’t help growing up in New Orleans. All of that Cajun food everywhere, Popeyes (trust me. If you haven’t had Popeyes chicken in New Orleans, you haven’t had Popeyes chicken), my brother worked at Andreas (one of the more popular Italian restaurants back home), and my aunt used to have her own Nicaraguan restaurant. So much food. I couldn’t get enough of it. But I digress.

I learned (somewhat) how to cook from my mom. Helping around in the kitchen and whatnot, I picked stuff up. Now because of the size of my family, I never learned how to cook a “single serving” amount of food, so I tend to cook for a family. It is nice, since I enjoy inviting people over whenever I make some food. Especially my hearty beef stew (man I can’t wait for winter!). Occasionally, I may make something a little too ethnic and not everyone wants a bite. Sunday, I made some oxtail soup. David wanted none of that. At first, that was fine, more for me! But then I realized something. When I bought the oxtail and veggies, I went shopping when I was hungry… we all know you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. I made soooooooo much soup… Anybody feel like going on a savory culinary adventure?

I promise its one of my best batches…


I’m the Waffle Blog

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Alrighty peeps.

So I’m sitting here, wasting time waiting for Best Buy to open (to get my laptop fixed), and waiting for my brinner to cook. I figger I’ll be a little constructive and fill you in on auditions.

Long story short, cause I’m having a hard time focusing. I guess I didn’t waste that director’s time for the Rocket Monkey callbacks, cause I got called back for a second callback, as did Josh. Turns out they’ve been auditioning for about 3 months now. It sounded like all these guys who showed up were the best of the best, and they were just having a hard time deciding who for what. With the exception of maybe 2 guys there, it was a room FULL of talented voice actors. Marc Pouhé was there too. It was nice to catch up with him; hadn’t seen him in awhile. Josh and I were scheduled together for a half hour slot. We were told it could last up to an hour. Us two and Marc, were the first ones there… we were there for the entirety of the callback. THREE HOURS.

Mostly because of that, I missed the Futurama submission deadline. And I’m okay with that. I wasn’t expecting to get anything. My Professor voice was the closest and it was only pretty good. Man, if I could do voices like John DiMaggio (Bender), I would be set.

Anywhay, the audition was a blast. Everyone got along, including the director, casting director and their peeps, like we had been working together for years. It was a lot of fun, and it felt great to have such comraderie. Again, with the exception of those two (maybe three) other guys. I’m still baffled at some peoples unprofessionalism. In general too. It’s not chivalry that’s dead. It’s common courtesy.

Go be courteous to someone today! I’ll cook you some brinner as a reward.


That’s it from the pulpit today.


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Whoopsy. I forgot about the rest of my weekend on that last blog.

So after I leave Georgia and her new “knight in shining armor” I go to the preview. About forty five minutes later than expected, but its okay, the actual preview hadn’t started. I see some songs and then take off to go to Zilker Park to save spots for friends to see “Music Man”, which was a fun show. Went to Mags with David and Nigel afterwards. I get home around midnight, but I don’t get to sleep till about 4 AM.

I wake up around 8 Monday morning, still tired, but unable to get back to sleep. I finally just get out of bed around 10 and play some Bioshock till about 11 and go back to bed. I wake up at 2 to go to an audition for something about immigrant workers and the abuse they face. Guess who I see there? TWO of the Mexicans who were in the car! No, I’m just kidding but I thought that would have been hilarious and kept chuckling to myself while people stared. Then I go back home, nap, then go to Nigels for rehearsal and then back home to shower, feed dogs, and get ready for work. At work, I check my gmail one last time before logging in, and I see an e-mail from my agent.

I’VE GOT AN AUDITION FOR FUTURAMA! The cast, or most of them, is not returning due to budgetary reasons, and I’m up for all the parts. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s nice to say I got to audition for it. Word is it might just be a ploy to get them to agree to the lower fees, which is fine by me. I know I am not worthy to replace any of them, but the chance to try is enough.

I’m going to sleep now.


This time I’m pretty sure that’s it from the pulpit today.

Hit and Blog

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So I had… quite a weekend. Things happened. It sure made the weekend whiz by and I felt like it never happened and didn’t really get to rest. Now since I don’t work till Monday night, I consider Monday part of my weekend and usually NOT Saturday, since I tend to spend most, if not all, of the day sleeping.

So let’s start with Saturday morning. Kind of off to a bad start with system crashes happening at work. I then go to the show in which my performance was maybe subpar at best. After the show, I head home, declining to have brunch with the cast, because I have some personal things I needed to do to take my mind off of other… things. Did some yard work and set up a canopy I bought for my sons so they would have some shade during the day. Did some errand running throughout all of this. I pretty much call it a day around 4 or 5 PM and hit the sack.

Now before I get to Sunday, let me preface with this. I constantly second guess myself. Sometimes its led to the wrong decision. Sometimes it just bugs me. Which leads me to… I never cease to be amazed at how, when I am doing what I tell myself is the right thing or a good thing, I question myself. The second guessing begins, but I question if I have an ulterior motive. Like in the Frog Prince. Frannie gives the King Birthday flowers not for his birthday, but to impress Abigail. Okay, on to Sunday.

Wake up a few times and do crap. Get up for the Sunday matinée. Another lackluster performance, maybe even worse, but it was a lot of fun thanks to the sound guy, Josh. After that I have brunch with some of the cast and have a good time. After that, I WAS gonna go to church, but I’m tired and decide I would rather nap in bed than in a pew before heading to a special preview for Little Shop of Horrors/Sweeney Todd. I get home and it doesn’t happen due to my insomnia (I knew I was jinxing it when I noticed it had not happened in a few days). I head out to the preview, which is at Stomping Grounds. For those who don’t know. This place is located on South Congress in the new apartment building right by Opal’s/Exodus. There’s parking spots on S. Congress in front of the apartments with a concrete walkway next to and four feet above. I drive up and see a spot right there and take it. I get out my car and three cars in front of me a really nice SUV pulls up. A cute girl gets out and she starts walking in the same direction I’m going. I decide to enjoy the view (insert perverted snickering here), we walk a few feet, and then I hear it… (SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH CRASH!) It’s right behind me. I brace myself to see my car when I turn around.

Then I turn.

And it’s not my car. It’s the girl’s. I whistle at her, but she’s already slowly walking back. An older couple is walking up the concrete steps, the wife visibly upset, their lives the dangerously kind of close you tend to see in action flicks. The car had hit so hard, it flipped itself around, almost making it look like they were coming from the other direction. Yes, they. Four Mexican guys get out of the car. They cautiously begin to take a closer look at the damage and then turn to see the girl coming. Her car… well if she were in it, she would have been in a wheelchair for sometime. Once they realize the car belongs to the girl walking towards them, they quietly decide to leave. They just turn around and start to walk away. And then run. Three of them run across the street and then towards St. Ed’s. The fourth guy thinks he’s gonna take a smoother approach and continues to walk like an innocent bystander. She pointlessly shouts after them, unable to move. I stand there, also motionless, almost watching this happen from outside my body and in slow motion. Once I snap back to reality and time catches up, I decide I have had enough of people getting… I dunno… dumped on? But how can I help? Those three guys are far enough ahead that I wouldn’t catch them. And uh… they outnumber me. But what about the smooth walker? How do I stop him? At least he’s alone. But I don’t know if I can physically do anything. I’m not even very intimidation physically. Then I figure it out. He’s walking by the cars and I’m still on the elevated walk-way. I run past him pretending to be making a phone call, then turn around and go down the steps. I walk right up to him, pretending still to dial and then stop in front of him, raise my phone, and *click*. I took a pic of the guy, who tries to explain himself to me in Spanish. I just tell him if he wants to leave, not to worry I’ve got his pic.

I walk back to the car to see if the girl, Georgia I find out, is okay. She still hasn’t come down the steps to her car. After a bit, she tearily comes. I assure everything is going to be okay, I took a pic of one of the guys, and I’m gonna stay as long as she needs me. She comes in for a reassuring comforting hug. Luckily for her, I happen to specialize in those. She gets the police on the phone. While talking, the three runners walk back. They come to us, and before Georgia has a chance to say anything, one of them starts in with his “Take it easy”s and “Is no problem”s.

He gets into the car trying to convince us he only wants to move it out of the road, while the two other guys just stand there. He starts his car and I see the knowing distrust on Georgia’s face but neither of us are brave enough to test his mettle and stand in front of the car to try and prevent him from leaving. A cop pulls up, the driver sees its too late, turns off the car, and gets out of the car. And then runs off, leaving his two buddies behind. We point at him to the police officer, who I could tell was deciding whether to chase him down or, after seeing the damage to the cars, make sure Georgia (and I guess the other two) has no injuries. I think he made the right choice staying.

Two other officers pull up, stories are given, and other officers are on the lookout for the other two. Even with a Spanish speaking officer, one of the guys decides I’m his friend and tries to get me to help. He implores to me that even though it is his car, he wasn’t driving, and so its not his problem and he should be able to leave. I am disgusted by this and tell him I’m not there to help him. He shouldn’t be telling me this, he should be talking to the police officer. And yes, it is his problem.

A random driver pulls up to offer help. Turns out, when we were pointing at the runner, he was driving by and decided to follow him. He found another officer down the road and notified him that the guy, as well as another (who turned out to be my pic guy who is still at large-I emailed the photo to the attending Sgt.) wandered onto St. Ed’s campus. He introduces himself to Georgia, and then I notice something. He is trying to pick up on her! He keeps trying to impress her with his knowledge of how the police work. And then, after one of the officers drives back with the driver in his backseat, he keeps reminding her how they wouldn’t have caught him if he didn’t help. He says they should exchange phone numbers, “just in case”. When the Sgt. asks if she was going anywhere and she replies yes, I offer a ride if she needs it, and JB (that’s his name) says no he’s got it. Fine whatever, dude.

But wait. Who am I to judge him? Wasn’t I checking her out right before the collision? Did I really want to help, or did I just want to be a “hero”? I decide, I really am just trying to help. Just like Ma raised me to do.

But then again… I did give her my number… ya know. Just in case.

Bully indeed.

I now pronounce you man and blog

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So I know a girl who can pee standing up, and I was once teabagged by one of my dogs.

Yeah. I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy coming up with your own stories and whether or not those two instances are related…

It looks like I’m gonna go back to one of my old blogging habits from the ole ARA days, which is e-mailing myself a blog whilst at work. I’m doing some work right now, but the server is way slow, so this will help pass the time betwixt downloads. Speaking of blogs, let me know if you have one. I think I’m gonna try to start reading other peoples blogs now. I’ll click and paste your latest blog and email it to myself so I have something to read during the slow hours at work. I know Jenny has one, and I know Abbey has one, but I don’t remember the address. Josh… you need to start one on your website.

The Frog Prince is going well, I think. If you’ve got kids 3-9, you should bring them to check it out. Great group of people. Some of us, after Sunday’s show, went to Trudy’s for lunch (where I actively avoided someone who was equally avoiding me for entirely different but equally valid reasons-but I digress). Our waiter turned out to be Ben Stiller’s more annoying, less talented twin brother. Man, he was laying it on thick trying to pick up on Jenny. Sorry pal, she’s way outta your league-which reminds me that I’m baffled as to how this girl is single; meh, people have their reasons for being single, just like I do, and its none of my business. Darn it. I’m digressing again. Kinda hard to stay on the point when I keep switching windows. Anyways. Ben Stiller clone… he… I forget where I was going, but he was totally entertaining in a laughing at someone kind of way. I felt bad for the guy, although highly entertained. Ya see ladies, this is why some guys would rather let you do the “courting”. We make fools of ourselves trying to win you over, and you laugh at us. Been there, done that. Done with it. For example, there was one girl who I was hanging out with… one night we’re in her car going who knows where, and she just bursts out laughing. I ask why and she replies. “I don’t know what I EVER found in you!”

Ok in print that looks kinda sad, but no worries, I’m entertained by that now.

Moving on. (That topic started to veer towards boring and that’s what I’m aimin to do) Other things I did this weekend: I started playing Bioshock… did I already say that? (Scroll back, see that I didn’t). Its a pretty fun game. Its no Dead Space, though. Seriously peeps. If you have a PS3, or an Xbox 360, and you’re in to the horror survival genre, its one you need to check out. And whilst you’re at (insert electronics store of choice here), you should pick up Venture Bros Season 3. Funny stuff. On Saturday night, my pal Sesar came over for a little bonding/video game time; then we went to my roomie David’s bday party. Met some cool peeps there. And then I left around 2 AM, after about an hour and a half of mingling. I was a bit sleepy. Keep in mind I probably only had about 3 hours of sleep within the previous 36 hours. I know that’s not that bad, but I had been pretty active during most of this period. And lets face it, we all know running from my couch to the fridge is more than enough exercise for me. An Adonis-like physique like mine doesn’t happen on its own, ya know.

Topic change. I’ve been (barely) working on a sci-fi idea. I had been worried about it sounding like its a copy of other sci-fi flicks mashed together. Then it dawned on me over the weekend. I should play towards my strengths and take the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz approach; make it a comedic homage to the genre. Which reminds me, anybody remember Robotech? Am I the only person who thinks that should be made into a live action film? I decided its going to be a goal of mine. I think the Macross Saga would be a fine trilogy. I would want Zack Snyder to direct it. I know some people have problems with him, but in terms of comic/video game/tv adaptations, he knows how to stay faithful (and has been the most faithful) to the source subject and making a great movie going experience. I’ll let you know how those two things develop. Harry Potter is opening this week! I wanna see it, but I don’t know when I’ll go. Don’t forget, gang, I make wands! If you want a good looking wand, tailor made to you, just ask for Sedulus Artifex wands! Prices vary. Which reminds me, I still need to finish Colin’s wand box. Dang, I’m a horrible friend.

Speaking of being a friend, I occasionally get a comment or two in my honesty box on FB. Nice little comments here and there. I respond so openly just trying to say thanks. Its weird how, at least for me, when I reply to an anonymous comment, its with completely blind trust and honesty on my part. I recently poured my heart out to someone. Though I’m sure it was more than they asked for, it was a nice release. I’m kinda digressing here, folks. What I’m trying to get to is that these comments are nice pick me ups. Sometimes its exactly what’ somebody needs. So, it’s back to another old blog habit. That’s right! It’s time for some homework. I want you to go and give someone on Facebook a compliment that for whatever reason you wouldn’t be able to tell them in person. If need be, it can be an insult… some people need to brought down a peg or two sometimes, ya? Now, I’ve already stated that I actually get my fair share, so its not a plea to send me any. That’s just cheating. Besides, I don’t want any teacher’s pets in my class. Anonymous or not. I think I’ll watch “Night at the Museum” while you guys do your work.

That’s all from the pulpit today.


I lost my lucky blog and chain

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I know I’m not old. I just feel old. First it was all these friends getting married and whatnot. Now, its kids. My best friend back home just had his first kid. One of my friends here just found out there’s one on the way. I feel like have done nothing with my life. I’ve had a few chances, one particularly great one, but I totally ignored them. This is (part of) why I need to move.

So I’ve been saving money. The Westwood commercial put a nice boost in my savings. But of course, with how some things have been going, I tend to spend money when I’m depressed. Maybe if I had a sweet tooth I would just go out and buy some Ben and Jerry’s (insert witty flavor title here) and eat it by the gallon. But, I was (mostly) in control and didn’t blow it all.

But then there’s insurance. Dah jeez. I have none. All my prescriptions had run out, so I had to go to the doctor. That costs money. Then go refill my meds. Inhaler, GERD meds, migraine meds, steriod inhaler, and penis enlarger. Wait… um… ignore that last one. Even with the generic stuff, it was a small fortune. And now I have to go to the optomotrist because my prescription for my contact lenses expired… two years ago. Whoopsy.

Oh well. No worries. I’ll work harder at keeping myself in check. Besides, I’ve been selling a lot of my DVDs. That’s right folks, my collection is slowly diminishing. I mean not all of them! Just the ones I haven’t watched more than once. And I’m going to pawn a lot of stuff once I’ve finished going through old things. You do what you can, ya?

On the topic of money. My job recently let go of some people. Higher ups who make the money. Some people were worried about how far the firing would trickle down. It didn’t go any further than my boss’es boss. We thought that was gonna be it. But then yesterday, one of our biggest clients, second largest to be exact, decided to no longer be represented by us. E-mails were sent saying it was mostly decided on our end for reasons I believe. Everyone in my office didn’t like the way they handled their customers, which is one of the reasons. So with it being mostly our decision it would not affect any teams. (Buzzer sound-WRONG!) Later, my boss sent an e-mail to the team leads. He wants us to keep a closer eye on individual performances. Help those we can, but those who don’t improve, let him know, cause they’re getting canned. I know my job is safe, but it just sucks knowing that I’m going to influence who leaves and who stays. I already know of one I would like to get the boot, but he’s not on my shift anymore. Poop.

And I think something is wrong with my laptop. It’s been acting real weird. It’s not a virus. I think something may have been installed incorrectly. I can’t tell. Man. If I have to bring it somewhere to get repaired…

Anybody want to lend me some cash for ice cream? And a spoon? I sold mine.

That’s it from the pulpit today.