Blog 2.0

Hokay, so I’m back into the blogging business.

Where to start? Lemme see. Well, first off, my blogs are going to be less personal. Now, I don’t mean not personal at all, just less emotional personal… with the exception of the occasional rant.  I used to be way personal back in my myspace blogs. Here’s why I’m changing that. I’m not very good at reading other people’s blogs. Recently I ruined a tremendously beautiful relationship. Just out of curiousity I started reading her blog. It was weird. Had I read it before/during… well… things would be different. Now why is that a reason to not continue to read blogs or make things personal? To me, it seemed more like once it had been put into print (or should I say font?), it was left at that, in hopes that I would read it, instead of telling me . These blogs are to no one in general, but once I started reading them, it felt like I was eavesdropping in a one sided conversation. So. If I’ve got something I want/need you to know, I hope that I will talk with you and not take this passive aggressive approach… although I am one of the most passive aggressive people ever. I don’t wanna feel like I’ve talked about it till I’ve actually talked about it with you. Whatever the situation and whomever you may be.

Now that that’s out of the way. Let’s see what’s going on in my life to catch you peeps up (if anybody decides to read this that is-which is okay if no one does. it’s just like talking out loud to myself anyway). Recently I bought a new iPod Touch. I’m enjoying it so far and have made some new playlists, including a video game soundtrack one. I’ve noticed, while still geeky, its not as geeky as it used to be. Instead of the rythmic sounds of blips and bleeps of yesterday, we now have fully orchestrated tracks, like those found on Dead Space.

On the acting front, I’m currently in The Frog Prince at the Scottish Rite Children’s Theater. After that closes on August 2, I will have a little break till I begin rehearsals for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with Zach Scott. I’ll be playing Barfee, a role originated by Dan Fogler from Balls of Fury, Good Luck Chuck, and Fanboys. You should check out some youtube clips like this one. I’m very much looking forward to that. I like to keep busy.

Busy. I recently had a conversation with my friend Jenny(thanks for the link to the review by the way, if you’re reading this), who was in three productions at the time. Two in rehearsals and one performing. I commented how great it is to be so busy and she gave me a look. I like to keep busy because I need to. It helps me sleep better and I don’t have time to waste money (which I am notorious for) or worry about things. That got a little personal but I’ll leave it at that.

Things are slowing down for me now. Not necessarily less stressful, but that’s just a matter of me getting over things. But at least I can clean the house again. Baby steps I tell ya. This house is a mess. I was hoping to have it all cleaned up by now. Maybe I need someone to threaten to come over so I can… OH CRAP! Hokay. I had to get up for a bit there. I just cleaned up a bit, because I totally forgot SOMEONE IS COMING OVER! I forgot my friend Kristin (who has her own comic book!) is coming over to raid my movie collection and borrow my Wii for the 4th of July weekend to keep her and a friend entertained. For my closer friends, I’m like a personal Blockbuster. After she leaves, I’m gonna take myself to go see Drag me to Hell. I was gonna go yesterday, but my buddy Colin had a bit of a car emergency, so I helped him out. After the movie, its off to work.

Speaking of video games… I just bought the Ghostbusters game. It’s mostly great. I say mostly because… well… a certain dog by the name of Pinto decided to quite literally eat my living room, including the case and game, but I digress. So there’s some scratches on the CD. It plays fine but occasionally the screen freezes while the game continues. I hear everything going on, but I have no clue as to what’s happening. If I can afford it, I may just replace it. Someone recommended just putting it in another case and returning it as defective. I just can’t do that. Ma raised me to be honest. It was my own fault and I should take care of it. It’s just stuff anyway.

Hokay. I think I’ve wasted enough of your time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope it won’t be the last time.

That’s all from the pulpit today.



2 Responses to “Blog 2.0”

  1. Most interesting. When does Spelling Bee go up? I wanna see that!

  2. Jose, I didn’t know you were in the Frog Prince! Now I HAVE to take Maya! Love supporting Scottish Rite. Maya went to their orthopedic hospital in Dallas for her legs. TOTALLY free. Wow.

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