I lost my lucky blog and chain


I know I’m not old. I just feel old. First it was all these friends getting married and whatnot. Now, its kids. My best friend back home just had his first kid. One of my friends here just found out there’s one on the way. I feel like have done nothing with my life. I’ve had a few chances, one particularly great one, but I totally ignored them. This is (part of) why I need to move.

So I’ve been saving money. The Westwood commercial put a nice boost in my savings. But of course, with how some things have been going, I tend to spend money when I’m depressed. Maybe if I had a sweet tooth I would just go out and buy some Ben and Jerry’s (insert witty flavor title here) and eat it by the gallon. But, I was (mostly) in control and didn’t blow it all.

But then there’s insurance. Dah jeez. I have none. All my prescriptions had run out, so I had to go to the doctor. That costs money. Then go refill my meds. Inhaler, GERD meds, migraine meds, steriod inhaler, and penis enlarger. Wait… um… ignore that last one. Even with the generic stuff, it was a small fortune. And now I have to go to the optomotrist because my prescription for my contact lenses expired… two years ago. Whoopsy.

Oh well. No worries. I’ll work harder at keeping myself in check. Besides, I’ve been selling a lot of my DVDs. That’s right folks, my collection is slowly diminishing. I mean not all of them! Just the ones I haven’t watched more than once. And I’m going to pawn a lot of stuff once I’ve finished going through old things. You do what you can, ya?

On the topic of money. My job recently let go of some people. Higher ups who make the money. Some people were worried about how far the firing would trickle down. It didn’t go any further than my boss’es boss. We thought that was gonna be it. But then yesterday, one of our biggest clients, second largest to be exact, decided to no longer be represented by us. E-mails were sent saying it was mostly decided on our end for reasons I believe. Everyone in my office didn’t like the way they handled their customers, which is one of the reasons. So with it being mostly our decision it would not affect any teams. (Buzzer sound-WRONG!) Later, my boss sent an e-mail to the team leads. He wants us to keep a closer eye on individual performances. Help those we can, but those who don’t improve, let him know, cause they’re getting canned. I know my job is safe, but it just sucks knowing that I’m going to influence who leaves and who stays. I already know of one I would like to get the boot, but he’s not on my shift anymore. Poop.

And I think something is wrong with my laptop. It’s been acting real weird. It’s not a virus. I think something may have been installed incorrectly. I can’t tell. Man. If I have to bring it somewhere to get repaired…

Anybody want to lend me some cash for ice cream? And a spoon? I sold mine.

That’s it from the pulpit today.



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