I now pronounce you man and blog

So I know a girl who can pee standing up, and I was once teabagged by one of my dogs.

Yeah. I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy coming up with your own stories and whether or not those two instances are related…

It looks like I’m gonna go back to one of my old blogging habits from the ole ARA days, which is e-mailing myself a blog whilst at work. I’m doing some work right now, but the server is way slow, so this will help pass the time betwixt downloads. Speaking of blogs, let me know if you have one. I think I’m gonna try to start reading other peoples blogs now. I’ll click and paste your latest blog and email it to myself so I have something to read during the slow hours at work. I know Jenny has one, and I know Abbey has one, but I don’t remember the address. Josh… you need to start one on your website.

The Frog Prince is going well, I think. If you’ve got kids 3-9, you should bring them to check it out. Great group of people. Some of us, after Sunday’s show, went to Trudy’s for lunch (where I actively avoided someone who was equally avoiding me for entirely different but equally valid reasons-but I digress). Our waiter turned out to be Ben Stiller’s more annoying, less talented twin brother. Man, he was laying it on thick trying to pick up on Jenny. Sorry pal, she’s way outta your league-which reminds me that I’m baffled as to how this girl is single; meh, people have their reasons for being single, just like I do, and its none of my business. Darn it. I’m digressing again. Kinda hard to stay on the point when I keep switching windows. Anyways. Ben Stiller clone… he… I forget where I was going, but he was totally entertaining in a laughing at someone kind of way. I felt bad for the guy, although highly entertained. Ya see ladies, this is why some guys would rather let you do the “courting”. We make fools of ourselves trying to win you over, and you laugh at us. Been there, done that. Done with it. For example, there was one girl who I was hanging out with… one night we’re in her car going who knows where, and she just bursts out laughing. I ask why and she replies. “I don’t know what I EVER found in you!”

Ok in print that looks kinda sad, but no worries, I’m entertained by that now.

Moving on. (That topic started to veer towards boring and that’s what I’m aimin to do) Other things I did this weekend: I started playing Bioshock… did I already say that? (Scroll back, see that I didn’t). Its a pretty fun game. Its no Dead Space, though. Seriously peeps. If you have a PS3, or an Xbox 360, and you’re in to the horror survival genre, its one you need to check out. And whilst you’re at (insert electronics store of choice here), you should pick up Venture Bros Season 3. Funny stuff. On Saturday night, my pal Sesar came over for a little bonding/video game time; then we went to my roomie David’s bday party. Met some cool peeps there. And then I left around 2 AM, after about an hour and a half of mingling. I was a bit sleepy. Keep in mind I probably only had about 3 hours of sleep within the previous 36 hours. I know that’s not that bad, but I had been pretty active during most of this period. And lets face it, we all know running from my couch to the fridge is more than enough exercise for me. An Adonis-like physique like mine doesn’t happen on its own, ya know.

Topic change. I’ve been (barely) working on a sci-fi idea. I had been worried about it sounding like its a copy of other sci-fi flicks mashed together. Then it dawned on me over the weekend. I should play towards my strengths and take the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz approach; make it a comedic homage to the genre. Which reminds me, anybody remember Robotech? Am I the only person who thinks that should be made into a live action film? I decided its going to be a goal of mine. I think the Macross Saga would be a fine trilogy. I would want Zack Snyder to direct it. I know some people have problems with him, but in terms of comic/video game/tv adaptations, he knows how to stay faithful (and has been the most faithful) to the source subject and making a great movie going experience. I’ll let you know how those two things develop. Harry Potter is opening this week! I wanna see it, but I don’t know when I’ll go. Don’t forget, gang, I make wands! If you want a good looking wand, tailor made to you, just ask for Sedulus Artifex wands! Prices vary. Which reminds me, I still need to finish Colin’s wand box. Dang, I’m a horrible friend.

Speaking of being a friend, I occasionally get a comment or two in my honesty box on FB. Nice little comments here and there. I respond so openly just trying to say thanks. Its weird how, at least for me, when I reply to an anonymous comment, its with completely blind trust and honesty on my part. I recently poured my heart out to someone. Though I’m sure it was more than they asked for, it was a nice release. I’m kinda digressing here, folks. What I’m trying to get to is that these comments are nice pick me ups. Sometimes its exactly what’ somebody needs. So, it’s back to another old blog habit. That’s right! It’s time for some homework. I want you to go and give someone on Facebook a compliment that for whatever reason you wouldn’t be able to tell them in person. If need be, it can be an insult… some people need to brought down a peg or two sometimes, ya? Now, I’ve already stated that I actually get my fair share, so its not a plea to send me any. That’s just cheating. Besides, I don’t want any teacher’s pets in my class. Anonymous or not. I think I’ll watch “Night at the Museum” while you guys do your work.

That’s all from the pulpit today.



One Response to “I now pronounce you man and blog”

  1. Abbeynormal Says:

    Jose’, do you have a website for your wands? I tell people all about them, and lots of people want to see.

    I have two blogs, actually. The first is abbeyliketheroad.com. The other one is my collection of short fiction. It’s invite-only, so I don’t lose first publication rights, but I can throw ya an invite if you’re interested.

    Also, the actor who plays Hurley on LOST has a blog. It’s pretty funny. I’ll get you the URL.

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