Whoopsy. I forgot about the rest of my weekend on that last blog.

So after I leave Georgia and her new “knight in shining armor” I go to the preview. About forty five minutes later than expected, but its okay, the actual preview hadn’t started. I see some songs and then take off to go to Zilker Park to save spots for friends to see “Music Man”, which was a fun show. Went to Mags with David and Nigel afterwards. I get home around midnight, but I don’t get to sleep till about 4 AM.

I wake up around 8 Monday morning, still tired, but unable to get back to sleep. I finally just get out of bed around 10 and play some Bioshock till about 11 and go back to bed. I wake up at 2 to go to an audition for something about immigrant workers and the abuse they face. Guess who I see there? TWO of the Mexicans who were in the car! No, I’m just kidding but I thought that would have been hilarious and kept chuckling to myself while people stared. Then I go back home, nap, then go to Nigels for rehearsal and then back home to shower, feed dogs, and get ready for work. At work, I check my gmail one last time before logging in, and I see an e-mail from my agent.

I’VE GOT AN AUDITION FOR FUTURAMA! The cast, or most of them, is not returning due to budgetary reasons, and I’m up for all the parts. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s nice to say I got to audition for it. Word is it might just be a ploy to get them to agree to the lower fees, which is fine by me. I know I am not worthy to replace any of them, but the chance to try is enough.

I’m going to sleep now.


This time I’m pretty sure that’s it from the pulpit today.


One Response to “Beelzeblog”

  1. Abbeynormal Says:

    That is EXCELLENT! I feel weird about the recasting of the show, but I can’t think of anyone who would be a better fit for the show than you. Good luck; I know you’ll do great!

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