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So I had… quite a weekend. Things happened. It sure made the weekend whiz by and I felt like it never happened and didn’t really get to rest. Now since I don’t work till Monday night, I consider Monday part of my weekend and usually NOT Saturday, since I tend to spend most, if not all, of the day sleeping.

So let’s start with Saturday morning. Kind of off to a bad start with system crashes happening at work. I then go to the show in which my performance was maybe subpar at best. After the show, I head home, declining to have brunch with the cast, because I have some personal things I needed to do to take my mind off of other… things. Did some yard work and set up a canopy I bought for my sons so they would have some shade during the day. Did some errand running throughout all of this. I pretty much call it a day around 4 or 5 PM and hit the sack.

Now before I get to Sunday, let me preface with this. I constantly second guess myself. Sometimes its led to the wrong decision. Sometimes it just bugs me. Which leads me to… I never cease to be amazed at how, when I am doing what I tell myself is the right thing or a good thing, I question myself. The second guessing begins, but I question if I have an ulterior motive. Like in the Frog Prince. Frannie gives the King Birthday flowers not for his birthday, but to impress Abigail. Okay, on to Sunday.

Wake up a few times and do crap. Get up for the Sunday matinée. Another lackluster performance, maybe even worse, but it was a lot of fun thanks to the sound guy, Josh. After that I have brunch with some of the cast and have a good time. After that, I WAS gonna go to church, but I’m tired and decide I would rather nap in bed than in a pew before heading to a special preview for Little Shop of Horrors/Sweeney Todd. I get home and it doesn’t happen due to my insomnia (I knew I was jinxing it when I noticed it had not happened in a few days). I head out to the preview, which is at Stomping Grounds. For those who don’t know. This place is located on South Congress in the new apartment building right by Opal’s/Exodus. There’s parking spots on S. Congress in front of the apartments with a concrete walkway next to and four feet above. I drive up and see a spot right there and take it. I get out my car and three cars in front of me a really nice SUV pulls up. A cute girl gets out and she starts walking in the same direction I’m going. I decide to enjoy the view (insert perverted snickering here), we walk a few feet, and then I hear it… (SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH CRASH!) It’s right behind me. I brace myself to see my car when I turn around.

Then I turn.

And it’s not my car. It’s the girl’s. I whistle at her, but she’s already slowly walking back. An older couple is walking up the concrete steps, the wife visibly upset, their lives the dangerously kind of close you tend to see in action flicks. The car had hit so hard, it flipped itself around, almost making it look like they were coming from the other direction. Yes, they. Four Mexican guys get out of the car. They cautiously begin to take a closer look at the damage and then turn to see the girl coming. Her car… well if she were in it, she would have been in a wheelchair for sometime. Once they realize the car belongs to the girl walking towards them, they quietly decide to leave. They just turn around and start to walk away. And then run. Three of them run across the street and then towards St. Ed’s. The fourth guy thinks he’s gonna take a smoother approach and continues to walk like an innocent bystander. She pointlessly shouts after them, unable to move. I stand there, also motionless, almost watching this happen from outside my body and in slow motion. Once I snap back to reality and time catches up, I decide I have had enough of people getting… I dunno… dumped on? But how can I help? Those three guys are far enough ahead that I wouldn’t catch them. And uh… they outnumber me. But what about the smooth walker? How do I stop him? At least he’s alone. But I don’t know if I can physically do anything. I’m not even very intimidation physically. Then I figure it out. He’s walking by the cars and I’m still on the elevated walk-way. I run past him pretending to be making a phone call, then turn around and go down the steps. I walk right up to him, pretending still to dial and then stop in front of him, raise my phone, and *click*. I took a pic of the guy, who tries to explain himself to me in Spanish. I just tell him if he wants to leave, not to worry I’ve got his pic.

I walk back to the car to see if the girl, Georgia I find out, is okay. She still hasn’t come down the steps to her car. After a bit, she tearily comes. I assure everything is going to be okay, I took a pic of one of the guys, and I’m gonna stay as long as she needs me. She comes in for a reassuring comforting hug. Luckily for her, I happen to specialize in those. She gets the police on the phone. While talking, the three runners walk back. They come to us, and before Georgia has a chance to say anything, one of them starts in with his “Take it easy”s and “Is no problem”s.

He gets into the car trying to convince us he only wants to move it out of the road, while the two other guys just stand there. He starts his car and I see the knowing distrust on Georgia’s face but neither of us are brave enough to test his mettle and stand in front of the car to try and prevent him from leaving. A cop pulls up, the driver sees its too late, turns off the car, and gets out of the car. And then runs off, leaving his two buddies behind. We point at him to the police officer, who I could tell was deciding whether to chase him down or, after seeing the damage to the cars, make sure Georgia (and I guess the other two) has no injuries. I think he made the right choice staying.

Two other officers pull up, stories are given, and other officers are on the lookout for the other two. Even with a Spanish speaking officer, one of the guys decides I’m his friend and tries to get me to help. He implores to me that even though it is his car, he wasn’t driving, and so its not his problem and he should be able to leave. I am disgusted by this and tell him I’m not there to help him. He shouldn’t be telling me this, he should be talking to the police officer. And yes, it is his problem.

A random driver pulls up to offer help. Turns out, when we were pointing at the runner, he was driving by and decided to follow him. He found another officer down the road and notified him that the guy, as well as another (who turned out to be my pic guy who is still at large-I emailed the photo to the attending Sgt.) wandered onto St. Ed’s campus. He introduces himself to Georgia, and then I notice something. He is trying to pick up on her! He keeps trying to impress her with his knowledge of how the police work. And then, after one of the officers drives back with the driver in his backseat, he keeps reminding her how they wouldn’t have caught him if he didn’t help. He says they should exchange phone numbers, “just in case”. When the Sgt. asks if she was going anywhere and she replies yes, I offer a ride if she needs it, and JB (that’s his name) says no he’s got it. Fine whatever, dude.

But wait. Who am I to judge him? Wasn’t I checking her out right before the collision? Did I really want to help, or did I just want to be a “hero”? I decide, I really am just trying to help. Just like Ma raised me to do.

But then again… I did give her my number… ya know. Just in case.

Bully indeed.


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