I’m the Waffle Blog

Alrighty peeps.

So I’m sitting here, wasting time waiting for Best Buy to open (to get my laptop fixed), and waiting for my brinner to cook. I figger I’ll be a little constructive and fill you in on auditions.

Long story short, cause I’m having a hard time focusing. I guess I didn’t waste that director’s time for the Rocket Monkey callbacks, cause I got called back for a second callback, as did Josh. Turns out they’ve been auditioning for about 3 months now. It sounded like all these guys who showed up were the best of the best, and they were just having a hard time deciding who for what. With the exception of maybe 2 guys there, it was a room FULL of talented voice actors. Marc Pouhé was there too. It was nice to catch up with him; hadn’t seen him in awhile. Josh and I were scheduled together for a half hour slot. We were told it could last up to an hour. Us two and Marc, were the first ones there… we were there for the entirety of the callback. THREE HOURS.

Mostly because of that, I missed the Futurama submission deadline. And I’m okay with that. I wasn’t expecting to get anything. My Professor voice was the closest and it was only pretty good. Man, if I could do voices like John DiMaggio (Bender), I would be set.

Anywhay, the audition was a blast. Everyone got along, including the director, casting director and their peeps, like we had been working together for years. It was a lot of fun, and it felt great to have such comraderie. Again, with the exception of those two (maybe three) other guys. I’m still baffled at some peoples unprofessionalism. In general too. It’s not chivalry that’s dead. It’s common courtesy.

Go be courteous to someone today! I’ll cook you some brinner as a reward.


That’s it from the pulpit today.


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