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I come from a modest sized family. I’m the youngest of five. Now, you may find this hard to believe, but I like to eat. I used to be quite the Levi Chubbs growing up. Of course it didn’t help growing up in New Orleans. All of that Cajun food everywhere, Popeyes (trust me. If you haven’t had Popeyes chicken in New Orleans, you haven’t had Popeyes chicken), my brother worked at Andreas (one of the more popular Italian restaurants back home), and my aunt used to have her own Nicaraguan restaurant. So much food. I couldn’t get enough of it. But I digress.

I learned (somewhat) how to cook from my mom. Helping around in the kitchen and whatnot, I picked stuff up. Now because of the size of my family, I never learned how to cook a “single serving” amount of food, so I tend to cook for a family. It is nice, since I enjoy inviting people over whenever I make some food. Especially my hearty beef stew (man I can’t wait for winter!). Occasionally, I may make something a little too ethnic and not everyone wants a bite. Sunday, I made some oxtail soup. David wanted none of that. At first, that was fine, more for me! But then I realized something. When I bought the oxtail and veggies, I went shopping when I was hungry… we all know you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. I made soooooooo much soup… Anybody feel like going on a savory culinary adventure?

I promise its one of my best batches…



One Response to “Come and Blog it”

  1. Abbeynormal Says:

    I love your chicken, I love your bacon, but I’m afraid this is one trail on the hiking adventure of food that I cannot take. I’m sure it’s excellent. Do the puppies like oxtail soup?

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