Cash for Bloggers


I’ve been looking into this Cash for Clunkers program. I was hoping to bring in my old ’94 Pathfinder fora down payment on a Toyota Matrix. Well, last night on my way to work, I found out the government is suspending it. Fercryin out loud! Man. So much for that plan. Just a bit of a letdown, is all.

I just saw Into the Woods, a show that some of my younger friends from Wanda’s World were in. Surprisingly, for those who know the show, they did the whole thing. Now I might be biased (might? no. I am.), but I thought my Showstopper pals were great. As in, better than the other kids. Although, one of them had a good singing voice. Korina and Alena were my favorites in the show. Now that’s not to say Dillon, Danielle, Matthew, or the Sarahs were no bueno, they did excellent jobs. I’m familiar with their work and I could see how they have grown as performers. But Alena and Korina were chorus members in Wanda’s World and didn’t really have a chance to shine like they did with these meaty roles.

Tomorrow night, or tonight I should say (I’m blogging at work again-posting later) I plan on going to the opening night of Sweeney Todd and then Sat the opening of Little Shop of Horrors, which I’m really looking forward to. Little Shop has a special place in my heart. It was my last show as a high school senior and I did it at St. Ed’s and the remount the following summer. Little Shop is the also show that formed two of my longest lasting friendships: with Sacha and Josh.  As a matter of fact, it was during that show that Josh gave me the now infamous Boba Fett standup for my birthday. And Sweeney Todd was, I think, the first show I saw in Austin when I moved here many moons ago. I’m also picking up an extra shift on Sat night. On top of that, its the closing weekend for Frog Prince. I wouldn’t mind working with those peeps again, I must say. It’s too bad we never had a cast party, I was looking forward to the toast.

Yeah, pretty busy weekend. Hopefully at some point during this I’ll get to watch Green Lantern:First Flight, which I just bought. Been wanting to watch that since I bought it on Tuesday. I watched one of the bonus tidbits on it about the next animated feature from DC which is Batman/Superman: Public Enemies and I’m pretty jazzed about that one. The soup is still good and going strong-had some while watching it before heading to Woods.

I recently have been watching some older movies I haven’t watched in ages. I totally forgot how good of a movie *batteries not included is. I highly recommend re-watching it. And keep your eyes peeled for a young Luis Guzman as an extra in the background. Johnny Dangerously was another one. That movie was just as funny as I remember it; thankfully it still had the Weird Al song for the title credits. Not sure why, but I think there was some legal issues with the song and it wasn’t the VHS release.. or maybe television airings, I don’t remember which. I just remember NOT hearing it and thinking, “waitaminute…”

And apparenlty there was a preview show for Sweeney Todd… Thanks for telling/inviting me David, Michael, or Jacob! (that’s what I like to call sarcasm, folks)

That’s all from the pulpit today.

P.S. While battling some insomnia, I found something out. I’m an idiot. Well, that part I already knew. BIG moron typing here. No, I found out Sweeney OPENED last night, it wasn’t a tech. Whoops. Sorry, gang.


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