A very merry unBlogday

Hokay so Frog Prince is over. The feeling of that hasn’t hit me yet, and it won’t till Saturday morning when I will be driving home from work instead of to the theater. Next I’ve got the fund raiser for Trouble Puppet Theater, Getting Yourself Into Trouble. That’s this Thursday; I hope to see you there! After that is a little break and then I start up rehearsals for the Spelling Bee at Zach Scott. Honestly, I forget when it opens but it will run till November. After that is over I (hopefully) will start rehearsing for another puppet show. And sometime in September, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Jenny, I will be doing a shoot for Project Rant. I finally checked out some of their stuff and it looks good. Jenny’s done one, and so have some other old friends like Ben Wolfe, Cyndi Williams, Kelli Bland, and Brad Carlin. Looking forward to all of it.
Moving on.

I have a fair share of friends, but with my schedule its hard to see everyone. Especially since I don’t really have a circle of friends. I’m part of several circle of friends; I don’t really have a gang/crew that I always hang out with. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t bug me, it just adds to how hard it is to hang out with pals. So to remedy this, I’m doing what I can, if you don’t mind. Right now, it would seem like the best option, what with schedules people have, is meeting up for breakfast. I just had breakfast with an old friend the yesterday at Mags. Maybe even go see a movie, but I usually decide on doing that at the last minute, which is why I go alone so often. If breakfast sounds good to you, you wanna do some catching up, and you don’t mind meeting around 7:30, gimme a buzz!

Back to the friend thing real quick. I like to think I have five best friends, no matter how little I see them, no matter how little we talk or know what’s going on in each other’s lives. But one lives in Philly, one lives in New Orleans, one graduated (or left I should say) way before another even started going there, and the last one doesn’t even have anything to do with St. Ed’s, where I grew up, or acting… sort of. They all know each other in some way or other, but have never hung out without me in the equation; though they have their own group of friends they like to do things with, of which I am occasionally involved. Again, this doesn’t bother me in any way whatsoever. I’m just going to shed some light on something some people know about me but don’t really understand. Why I don’t celebrate my birthday or like telling people when it is.

When I was getting a final cast brunch with the Frog Crew, birthdays came up (which is why this topic is on my mind). A lot of my closer friends know (or actually think) I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. I enjoy my birthday, but there are some factors that come into not celebrating. My birthday falls during a holiday, and usually people go out of town or have other plans and so are not available to celebrate with me. Why not just celebrate on a different weekend or something? Yeah I could do that, but I don’t care much for waiting so long, or doing it too early. Also there’s the attention thing. Yeah I like some attention, we all do, but I don’t know why…I can’t handle being the focus for too long. But mainly the reason is, as somewhat alluded to in the previous paragraph, the friend thing.

I would LOVE for someone to throw me a surprise birthday party, but would any of you really know who to invite? There have been two failed attempts at it. My parents tried once, but was all sortsa awkward. Not only did they invite more family than friends (only like two of my friends and the next door neighbor-which admittedly I probably only had two friends anyway), it wasn’t even a surprise. It was more like I got to the party late. I got home after my brother took me to a movie (I turned six); I walked in the front door and the party was already in full swing. The cake was by the door-THAT was the surprise. Being at that age of course, I made everyone hide and turn out the lights so I could leave and come back again for a proper “surprise”.

The next time it was a friend who tried to do it… sheesh that was all sortsa awkward too. This one was actually pulled off (very) well, but the party itself was a fail. So my friend calls me up and asks me to go see some boring movie, I mention how I don’t really want to and she tells me Sacha (one of the afore mentioned best friends), and a girl I said was cute (but didn’t say I was interested in) were coming too. I’m still not interested in the movie I tells her. So she puts cute girl on the phone who then tells me how excited she is to see this movie and I should go I should go I should go blah blah blah. Fine whatever, I give (just please shut the hell up).They come pick me up and on the way, Cristi (the girl who called me-and planned the whole thing) says she forgot her cousin (or some kind of family member) wanted to go and we have to go back to her apartment to pick’em up. So we go back to her place. First let me give you the set up of her apt. It’s one of those where its living room/front door and kitchen are in an open L shape, hugging the bedroom/bathroom… if that makes sense. We go in and she tells me to go get her a drink to sneak in the movie real quick from her fridge for her. I turn the corner and the kitchen is full of people who yell, “SURPRISE!”

Throughout the night, everyone talks about how my look of surprise seemed more like I was confused. I tell them its cause I was confused! Even though they shouted surprise, I had honestly forgotten it was my birthday and I was just thinking how this was a crap load of people to see one boring movie.

But yeah, how was it a fail? Well, it sure as hell didn’t feel like it was my party, let alone birthday party. Apparently, Cristi didn’t know who to invite (there’s the friend thing!), so she invited all of her friends. I didn’t even know some of them; it felt like I crashed some random party. On top of that, some of the attendees were people I wasn’t a big fan of.

What I’m trying to say is, if you don’t know who I call my friend, and I mean REALLY know, don’t throw me a party, surprise or otherwise. Even though I would love for this to happen, I know not to hold my breath. Some things just won’t happen, no matter how POTENTIALLY good it could be.

So when is my birthday? I’m still not telling you. Trust me, I’m doing us both a favor.



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