Sweating my Blogs off

Hokay. Short and to the point.

I am highly entertained that I just had a weekend of reminiscence and then this past weekend my past came looking for me. I am reconnecting with a lot of old friends from theater in high school, the Genesian Players. Lots of fun, lots of memories.

And my AC unit is busted again. I’m sitting in a pool of sweat right now, its so hot in here. Wires melted in the outside unit; sparks flew and a fire almost started. If it weren’t for the sounds it was making, and my dogs freaking out, I would not have known and who knows what would have happened. I almost went to work for some overtime, too! Sure glad I didn’t/couldn’t.

That’s all from the Pulpit sauna today.

I’m gonna go take a third cold shower.


One Response to “Sweating my Blogs off”

  1. abbeynormal Says:

    I know the cats drive your allergies crazy, but you’re welcome to stay here. And I’m glad to hear that the house didn’t burn down.

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