Lions and tigers and Blogs, oh my!

Power Cleanse. That’s what I’ve mistakenly been calling the Master Cleanse, which I started today. The reason behind it you ask? None, really; other than that my roomie just wanted someone to do it with him. For the first day, I can have fruits, veggies, water and juice only. I didn’t know this till around 6 PM. I spent all of today thinking I could only drink water. It didn’t help my day any.

What else happened today? Well, I gathered the stuff I was going to sell at the pawn shop and before I left, I place my laptop oustide the house for the UPS guy to pick up. FINALLY my laptop is going to get fixed! I go to about 3 shops. Best offer? Maybe a quarter of what the stuff was originally worth. Sold a lot of memories, some more sentimental than others… but its okay, I’m gonna add it to my CARS downpayment!

Well, if the government didn’t decide to halt the program. Again.

Okay. Let’s see what I can do. How much can I still get for my car? Oh $700, instead of $4500? And you want how much for a downpayment? Well so much for that. After I’ve already been sweating my tuchus off looking at cars. At least my laptop is on its way to getting fixed.

I get home and walk in the front door and… wait… what’s that on my recliner? WHY IS MY PACKAGE INSIDE? David thought it was a delivery. Ugh… it’s my own fault. I should have told him. I sure would love to eat a big ole piece of meat right now, but I can’t. I can’t eat anything; its water only.

Maybe a nap will help me, cool down. I fall asleep for too long, wake up sweaty, with a crick in my neck, and with a dog’s ass in my face. In the process of me rushing out having to forego a shower, I find out from David I can, in fact, eat particular things today. So I grab an apple an bite into it… you don’t even want to know what I found. If you really do, I took a picture of it with my phone. I take off t o rehearsal. At least I’m not late.

What else can happen? Before we get settled in, the production manager pulls me aside. I’m not getting paid for the show. Ya wanna know why? Welllll I only told a few people about this cause I didn’t want to jinx it but uh…. I’m officially getting my Equity card with this show!

Granted this is good news, actually GREAT, my day was crap before it.  And now I’m at work with a migraine. So the good news won’t settle in till later.

Bul.. meh you know where this is going. That’s it from the pulpit today.


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