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I’d like to buy a Blog

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Decisions decisions.

What to do for Halloween?

Should I:

1. Wear my finished Chris Redfield (Resident Evil: Code Veronica) that has not yet been debuted.

2. Put the final touches on my Captain N outfit… a character who nobody seems to remember…

3. Start an entirely new costume and hope I finish in time. Lord Farquaad from Shrek…

I don’t even know if I’ll actually go anywhere this year with the show and work and whatnot, but damnit I’m gonna wear a costume!

Any thoughts?

That’s all from the pulpit today.



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If you read the last post, forget it ever existed. I’ve already deleted it. I was wrong about some info and wrong for having put it up.

That’s all from the pulpit today.

Mammy told Daddy, bout a Blog she saw

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If you missed it, this is part 2 of a longer blog. I split it up so you don’t have to read so much. This one is about the new car and work, while the other one is more about Spelling Bee rehearsals and health in general.

I don’t remember if I said it, but I got a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring. After having driven the Pathfinder for so long, I never really noticed how unsafe I was till this past weekend. I’m just excited that when I drive at night, I can tell if my headlights are on or not. I don’t have to push the brake pedal half way down before the brakes actually begin to work. I can use the dome light because the door isn’t messed up and I can use the car alarm because of that as well. I have a working speedometer. I can use the AC and not watch the gas needle go down infront of my eyes like a slug escaping a pile of salt. When it rains, I don’t have to drive with the defrosting heat on full blast-even in the summer-because the windows don’t fog up. Cruise control works-remember my bum knee. All this and I’m still on the first tank of gas for over a week and get free XM for three months. I’ve been blisfully listening to the 80’s station.

My brother tried to get me to take his car instead of me buying a new one. I appreciate his help and all, but the last time he did that, he didn’t tell me what was wrong with the car till I actually drove back to Metairie to get it. That car was a zombie of cars; it was four cinder blocks away from being a lawn ornament-which it pretty much already was. So when I started asking questions about this one and he got very defensive instead of answering my questions then and there, I like to think I was justified in turning him down. Besides, it would have been too small for my dogs. I know my siblings would probably take his side, because I know they all think I’m the spoiled one in the family. I’m not ashamed to admit I asked my mom to throw in some cash for my downpayment. And you know what? Maybe I am the spoiled one, but if they would take the time to listen to my side, I mean really listen and not continually interrupt me to tell me how wrong I am… they’d probably still think I’m the spoiled one, but at least they would understand a little better and back off. Bit I digress. Quite a bit there, actually. Sorry for adding the drama there. I don’t want to be the Badnews Blogger.

Yeah I’ve got car payments now, and in the short run, paying for the monthly to bimonthly repair is financially better, I can/need to tough it out for the long run. Especially since I (kind of) just got a raise at work. I am a team lead-but it used to be only two nights a week cause the company didn’t want to pay for two TLs per shift. So I was only paid TL pay when the other guy, Herbie was off for his weekend. I am now a TL every night I work.

That is all from the pulpit today.

Wully Bully!

Time is waiting, (I) only got 4 minutes to Blog the world

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Whilst things are slow at work, lets do some catchup, my loyal blogaholics.

I’m gonna split this up to two blogs so you don’t have to read so much. This one will be about rehearsals for Spelling Bee and the other one will be about the car.

Man, I was worse off than I thought. After the Friday/Saturday shift at work, I was planning on going to take a nap in the Zach parking lot before the 11-11 rehearsal. Unfortunately, because of the rain, my dogs were in the house since before Friday nights rehearsal-that’s a long time for a dog to not use the potty. Instead of the planned nap, I drove home to let the dogs out (hoo! hoohoo! hoo!), and take a quick nap on the couch. Two of the dogs did their thing, came back in, and I went to the couch, took off my shirt,  and set the alarm on my phone for an hour and half later, leaving me a little over an hour to shower and head to rehearsal. At my job, we’re not supposed to have phones on the floor, so when I cheat and still do it-sometimes I text Josh to invite him to a chat-I put the phone on silent. In my absentmindedness and fatigue, I forgot to take the phone OFF of silent when I set the alarm.

What felt like 20 minutes after I laid on the couch, one of the dogs started scratching at the door and whining to get out. I thought to myself, “I just let you out!” and, as I grabbed my phone to look at the time, said, “C’mon guys. I need to sleep, its just… 12:30?!?”

I was an hour and a half late for rehearsal. I lept off the couch and over the table barricading the dogs to the tile floor in such a spartan manner you would have thought I was a trained triathlete. Unfortunately, that uncharacteristically awesome feat of agility wasted ALL of the energy I just replenished. I didn’t care who had to go, I pushed all the dogs out the door, ran to my bathroom, squeezed some toothpaste on my hand (yeah hand not finger), got a mouthfull of water to rinse, put the same shirt back on, and flew out the door, calling the stage manager on the way. I went to rehearsal without having showered, in the same clothes from the day before, and feeling nasty. Everyone knows my schedule and they were all very understanding, which is great and all, but I just don’t like being that unprofessional. I’m not very good at many things, so the things I am good at I want to be able to set an example and be someone everyone wants to work with in that field-no excuses.

By the end of the day, I was on autopilot and I didn’t even really realize it. It was the weirdest feeling I had had in a while. My body was doing the actions before my brain told it to. The fatigue had affected my performance; everyone was laughing at me. Not in a bad way, mind you. It didn’t hurt my feelings at all, its just I was THAT tired. I was slower, lower pitched, just barely off key, and grunted a lot. I don’t know how to best describe it, but I’m laughing as a type about it.

After rehearsal was (fiiiiiiiiiiinally) over, I stopped at HEB and got some epson salts. When I (fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally) got home, I filled the tub with hot water, poured in some salts, and watched Glee on my laptop (yeah I fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally got that back but its still messed up-more on that in person if you’re interested).

The next day, I woke up before the alarm went off. I guess my subconscious didn’t want to trust me again. I was feeling hungry but didn’t feel like cooking. A hankering for a BK breakfast hit me. I couldn’t remember what time they stopped serving breakfast, so I figgerd I could just go get a breakfast sammich and some cheesy tots and head to the theater early; take my time eating breakfast and watch the other episode of Glee. On the topic of breakfast: bacon is one of my favorite things ever. Magnolia Cafe has some of the best bacon around. But I do not care much for fast food bacon. Its usually burnt, over-crispy, paper thin and flavorless. So instead of the double meat (sausage and bacon) croissanwich, I asked to substitute an extra sausage patty for the bacon. They still gave it to me the normal way after confirming they would indulge my sausage lust. “Have it your way” my ass.

Sunday’s 11-11 rehearsal was quite an adventure itself. Amy, one of the actresses, is pregnant. She was not there in the morning due to cramps. We were all okay with it and proceeded with rehearsal, while Jill’s understudy, (another) Amy, filled in for Amy. After lunch, she still wasn’t there. We received word that she had to go to the ER. By the end of the night, she was recovering after surgery to take out her appendix. She and the baby are fine, and she plans on being at the rehearsal tomorrow night. I’m trying to be optimistic about this-the doctors said she was supposed to be on her feet by today. But someone pointed out “on your feet” isn’t the same as “dancing and singing”. I agree, but I don’t know anyone who has had this kind of surgery and I don’t know the realistic time frame for recovery. Add to that Amy’s determination. We’ll see. Please keep her in your prayers. Or sacrifices. Or cult meetings. I don’t know. Whatever deity you believe in. Except the jew god. (I’M KIDDING!)


(don’t forget the other blog if you wanna know about the car)

Wasting my time in the Blogging line

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Before I take my nap.

I think the show (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Zach Scott, if you didn’t know) is going to be great. I’m really looking forward to this run. And I’m gonna be real tired too! It’s a great opportunity for me to working with people I’ve never worked with, but wanted to- Jill Blackwood, Amy Downing, and Andrew Cannata. And don’t forget (finally) getting my Equity card!

I got Batman: Arkham Asylum before rehearsals started, but still haven’t had the downtime to play it. From what I saw of David playing it, it looks great.

After some long painful foot/paperwork, I bid a fond farewell to my car, Marcus Pathfinder, over the weekend. I am now the proud, and broke, owner of a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring. I am now completely broke and have no money saved up for the L.A. move. But that’s okay. I’ll start again, and this new car will help me get there. No more repairs to worry about. I swear, Marcus knew it was coming. It was like as soon as it became official, he stopped holding back. Brake problems, battery problems, flat tires, you name it. Problems bust forth like a belly full of Thanksgiving goodness being released from its belt buckled prison.

With all these good things happening, I’m still not as happy as I should be with it. To balance it all out, I got news of a sort from the homefront. They don’t need to be repeated here, but know they were enough to continually pop these bubbles of happiness.

I have a lot of movies. I have a lot of respect for film. Sometimes they give me the message I need to hear. Like the weekend I auditioned for Spelling Bee. It was a free weekend of HBO, and they were showing Balls of Fire, starring Dan Fogler who originated the role of William Barfee that I am playing. I took it as a good sign… but not necessarily a good movie. This past weekend, I sat down and rewatched Kung Fu Panda. It gave me the message I needed to hear. What was the message? Why don’t you go and watch the movie? You might find your own message.


What are you bloggin at?

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I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m… kinda hungry right now.

I promise you, my loyal blogaholics, I have not been ignoring you. I’ve just been that busy. I’m either working, rehearsing, or sleeping. I spent most of my shift last night/this morning thinking it was Tuesday.

More details about shenanigans hopefully after this weekend.

That’s it from the pulpit today.