Wasting my time in the Blogging line

Before I take my nap.

I think the show (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Zach Scott, if you didn’t know) is going to be great. I’m really looking forward to this run. And I’m gonna be real tired too! It’s a great opportunity for me to working with people I’ve never worked with, but wanted to- Jill Blackwood, Amy Downing, and Andrew Cannata. And don’t forget (finally) getting my Equity card!

I got Batman: Arkham Asylum before rehearsals started, but still haven’t had the downtime to play it. From what I saw of David playing it, it looks great.

After some long painful foot/paperwork, I bid a fond farewell to my car, Marcus Pathfinder, over the weekend. I am now the proud, and broke, owner of a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring. I am now completely broke and have no money saved up for the L.A. move. But that’s okay. I’ll start again, and this new car will help me get there. No more repairs to worry about. I swear, Marcus knew it was coming. It was like as soon as it became official, he stopped holding back. Brake problems, battery problems, flat tires, you name it. Problems bust forth like a belly full of Thanksgiving goodness being released from its belt buckled prison.

With all these good things happening, I’m still not as happy as I should be with it. To balance it all out, I got news of a sort from the homefront. They don’t need to be repeated here, but know they were enough to continually pop these bubbles of happiness.

I have a lot of movies. I have a lot of respect for film. Sometimes they give me the message I need to hear. Like the weekend I auditioned for Spelling Bee. It was a free weekend of HBO, and they were showing Balls of Fire, starring Dan Fogler who originated the role of William Barfee that I am playing. I took it as a good sign… but not necessarily a good movie. This past weekend, I sat down and rewatched Kung Fu Panda. It gave me the message I needed to hear. What was the message? Why don’t you go and watch the movie? You might find your own message.



One Response to “Wasting my time in the Blogging line”

  1. Congrats on the equity card and the new car!

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