Mammy told Daddy, bout a Blog she saw

If you missed it, this is part 2 of a longer blog. I split it up so you don’t have to read so much. This one is about the new car and work, while the other one is more about Spelling Bee rehearsals and health in general.

I don’t remember if I said it, but I got a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring. After having driven the Pathfinder for so long, I never really noticed how unsafe I was till this past weekend. I’m just excited that when I drive at night, I can tell if my headlights are on or not. I don’t have to push the brake pedal half way down before the brakes actually begin to work. I can use the dome light because the door isn’t messed up and I can use the car alarm because of that as well. I have a working speedometer. I can use the AC and not watch the gas needle go down infront of my eyes like a slug escaping a pile of salt. When it rains, I don’t have to drive with the defrosting heat on full blast-even in the summer-because the windows don’t fog up. Cruise control works-remember my bum knee. All this and I’m still on the first tank of gas for over a week and get free XM for three months. I’ve been blisfully listening to the 80’s station.

My brother tried to get me to take his car instead of me buying a new one. I appreciate his help and all, but the last time he did that, he didn’t tell me what was wrong with the car till I actually drove back to Metairie to get it. That car was a zombie of cars; it was four cinder blocks away from being a lawn ornament-which it pretty much already was. So when I started asking questions about this one and he got very defensive instead of answering my questions then and there, I like to think I was justified in turning him down. Besides, it would have been too small for my dogs. I know my siblings would probably take his side, because I know they all think I’m the spoiled one in the family. I’m not ashamed to admit I asked my mom to throw in some cash for my downpayment. And you know what? Maybe I am the spoiled one, but if they would take the time to listen to my side, I mean really listen and not continually interrupt me to tell me how wrong I am… they’d probably still think I’m the spoiled one, but at least they would understand a little better and back off. Bit I digress. Quite a bit there, actually. Sorry for adding the drama there. I don’t want to be the Badnews Blogger.

Yeah I’ve got car payments now, and in the short run, paying for the monthly to bimonthly repair is financially better, I can/need to tough it out for the long run. Especially since I (kind of) just got a raise at work. I am a team lead-but it used to be only two nights a week cause the company didn’t want to pay for two TLs per shift. So I was only paid TL pay when the other guy, Herbie was off for his weekend. I am now a TL every night I work.

That is all from the pulpit today.

Wully Bully!


2 Responses to “Mammy told Daddy, bout a Blog she saw”

  1. I am so glad to hear you stood up to your brother. Your driveway is not storage space for his junk. I’m happy the car is working out!!

    • doctorbacon Says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily say I stood up to him. I just left a polite no thank you on his voice mail…

      But at least I said no.

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