Grosse Pointe Blog and Blogged!

Sorry I haven’t updated. There isn’t much really. Still busy with the show and work.

To catch you up though, I’ve got three shows booked after the Bee. But… ummm… none of them are Equity. But hey, work is work. I’ve got two Christmas shows lined up and another kids show at Scottish Rite after that.

Anybody watch Heroes? Seriously, am I the only person who wonders whatthefreakever happened to Peter’s Irish lass of a girlfriend from back in season two? It really bugs me.

Moving on.

Do you like scary movies? And I mean actual scary horror movies, not gore porn, as I like to call it. Go see Paranormal Activity NOW. I went with most of the cast after one of our shows. Now for those who know me, and my ghost stories, know I like a good scare, but its usually over when the movie is over. I was still scared after the movie. Our entire group was still scared after the movie. When I got home, I keep seeing images from the movie when I would close my eyes. I let the dogs sleep on the bed with me (after having been banned for almost 4 years), left the night light on, and the medication-which makes you drowsy-did not make me drowsy at all. Please. Go see it before America turns “too cool for school” and doesn’t like it anymore. I’ve already seen someone post on their FB status that they didn’t think the movie was scary at all and that the trailer ruins the end. Well, I think you must have been scared; because I think fear led you to closing your eyes which in turn made you miss what happened after what you thought was ruined in the trailer. The trailer does not ruin the end.

I doubt there are any tickets left, but Alamo Drafthouse is having a special VIP screening hosted by Paramount. They don’t want to ruin any surprises, so asides from saying there will be a party afterwards, they’re saying expect guests and goodies. I’ll be there.

On the topic of horror type things, go check out my roomie (and other friends) in Evil Dead the Musical happening at SVT. It’s still running, but only till the end of the month!



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