The Blog Saucer

Things are rough, but I’m busy.

Show’s almost over.  An ex (insert sad story here), and a guy I met at an audition have seen it, but one of my best friends, and my family haven’t seen it. My family probably won’t. I don’t know how this makes me feel. Though not my best performance/show, it is one of my favorites/best.

I’ve already got 3 shows lined up after the Bee. Two are Christmas shows and two are for Scottish Rite. Looking forward to it-although I was kinda thinking I would be doing some Equity shows now… these shows heard about the Equity and were able to get me to commit before things became official.

Like I said, things are rough, but I’m busy. And when I’m this busy, well… I wouldn’t say I’m at my happiest, per se, but I am happy. That’s what is important. Right now at least. I’ll worry about bad things when they’re all I have left. I’m too busy having a good time being a working actor.



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