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There’s no place like Blog

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2010 by doctorbacon

Ahoy, loyal Blogaholics! I know its been awhile, sorry.

So my old friend Clay came in town for a visit and it was great to have him around again for a bit. About a week after he left I finally took the trip home that has been getting postponed since Thanksgiving.

Before I left, I got some not so great news, got a speeding ticket on my way in (91 in a 60! Oopsy!), spent most of the trip with a small migraine, slept on a rock hard mattress with a hole in it and paper thin pillows, in a room that smelled… well… it was my nephew’s room. But I got to watch the Saints game and got to meet my brother in law’s family, got to see my family, ma especially, and I brought back food, food, and more food. Oh and a brand new vacuum.

Ya know, when I was thinking about this blog, it seemed a lot longer in my head. Sorry for the shortness but, other than rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland, there’s really nothing else going on. Don’t worry, peeps, you know I’ll keep you posted on anything worthwhile.