Goodnight Blogheart. Sweet blogs. I blog you.

Alright alright alright.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

There. Now that’s over with…

I said I would keep you, my loyal blogaholics, posted on my happenings. I’ve kinda dropped the ball on that one.

First, to answer Abbey’s question-which I never have before(sorry)-Alice has opened and is running till March 28 at Scottish Rite. For those of you actually thinking about coming, keep in mind its a show written to be 45 minutes long and the target audience is 3-9 year olds…

Otherwise… well… I had an audition a few weeks ago. I thought it was crap. But then I got called back. Only one other guy “read” for the main character other than myself. I put “read” cause there’s no lines. It was a lot of group/pair auditioning to see… chemistry I guess?  Anywhey, I was kept after the two hour long audition and did a solo audition. I was told I would hear the following Monday about casting.

Monday came around. And nothing. Then Tuesday. Nothing. By the time Wednesday (man I hate spelling that word) came around and I had not heard anything, I gave up. I knew better than to hold my breath for a film/tv audition, no matter how good. We, or at least most of us, remember how that went for the voice over audition for Rocket Monkeys.

AnyIgotcastonFridaybutI’mnotreallytellingtoomanypeopleaboutitcausenoonereallylistensanyway andIhavetoexplainitinpersonoritsoundslikeI’minagayporn.

That’s all from the Pulpit today. I hope you spent today with who you wanted to and it was bliss.


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