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I know I said I wouldn’t get too personal on these blogs, but man, I gotta tell ya. This year has been kinda crappy so far. I’m a bit depressed.

Details I don’t mind sharing:

Alice in Wonderland was in serious trouble of closing early-due to unprofessional attitudes. Granted I’m ready for it to be over, closing under those circumstances would dishearten me because this show is one of my last stage performances for who knows how long. We all know how much I start to worry when I am no longer busy and sit idly around the house. I’ve got the short film to work on after this, but that won’t be for another few months, except for the rehearsal week in a week or so. Yeah, I’ll have fun with that one, but… its not really work that… I’ll be terribly proud of? I guess?

I’m gonna miss some work to go back home to take of that damn speeding ticket.

I’m trying to get my crap together. There’s nothing left for me in this town. So I’m slowly taking things down of my walls. I plan on having a garage sale at some point to get rid of all this furniture I have collecting dust. To help me save more money quicker to get this move to LA to happen, I’m thinking about getting a second job, part time. But I should probably wait till the short film is over. I’ve noticed, working overnight, that having a second job, part time or full, on top of an overnight shift is not the best idea. But if I can keep myself that busy, I’ll only have time to sleep at home-so that cuts out the downtime leading to self pity worry time. So I’ll knock that one out while making some money too.

I was thinking about even just leaving after the short film… to go back to New Orleans. I said I didn’t want to do that, cause that would be me just giving up… and I am so close to just giving up. But Clay will be coming back in the summer. And living with me. He’s probably the only reason I decided against going back home. It’ll be good to have him around again.

I guess that’s all from the Pulpit today.


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