You’re blog of control

(I found this in my drafts… it was supposed to be posted Tuesday morning)
So this is going to be quite a week.
Is it because of St. Patrick’s Day?
Is it because of SXSW?


Is it because it’s Spring Break?

Hell no.

This week is the workshop week for short film I’m in, Tampa. Actually its called “Fourplay: Tampa” It’s called that because Tampa is one of four shorts comprising Fourplay. Mine, Tampa, is a (very) ranchy comedy that I won’t bother even trying to explain, but it should be pretty funny. Oh yeah… I’m the lead. Go me. Even though the shoot isn’t till May, we’re workshopping this week to get um… comfortable with some of the scenes we’ll be doing, and for the director to plan ahead on how he wants some shots done. Tonight was the first rehearsal, and yesterday was basically just a meeting between me and the director to talk about expectations on this project. Tonight was a lot of fun-I can’t wait for this shoot. Oh and since its set in Tampa, apparently I might get flown out there for a three day weekend for outside scenes…

You know what I can wait for though? This weekend. Ugh. Friday night. Rehearsal, straight to work till the next morning when I go to Alice in Wonderland. After that, back to the studio to do pretty much a full day tech of sorts then like a two hour nap in my car before doing a Sat night/Sun morning shift that I have to pick up for having Thursday night off (freakin SXSW). It really shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time now, so the lack of sleep won’t be a problem; it’s just I’ll be pretty exhausted.

It’s actually a busy night at work right now so…

I guess that’s it from the pulpit for now.



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