I’m fine I’m fine. I was just overreacting cause there’s AN ALIEN INSIDE OF BLOG!!!

So I’m sitting here in my local public library, just goofing around and doing my taxes.


I owe over $1600.

Lame sauce.

I thought it was going to be less, not much, only about a hundy less or so. I filed a w-2 and then realized it was from the Westwood commercial I did… directly from the company that did it. I’m not supposed to get anything from them, they paid my agent, who in turn took out their fee and then paid me. Then I realized I couldn’t find any papers from my agent. I knew I got one, I just misplaced it, I guess. So I took a trip to Georgetown to see them and get the right paper, thinking it would be less and I would owe less. Nosirree, it was more than what I would have put with the Westwood one. I forgot I got another buyout check from the Texas Lotto one. So after correcting all that and putting in the proper 1099 info… well that’s when it all went up even further.

I’m tellin ya, this year really sucks so far. I’m trying to take things in stride and not let it bring me down. Ain’t nothin gonna break my stride, ain’t nothin gonna slow me down. OH no. I’ve got to keep on MOOOOviin! (If you’re not 80’s musically savvy, that one went way over your head)

I had an audition today for the Texas clickit or ticket campaign… It was just the one line in English and Spanish. I thought I was gonna do fine… and then they added lines AT THE AUDITION. Now, we all know my Spanish is a bit on the no bueno side. Especially since I speak Nicaraguan Spanish and not Mexican Spanish with all the slang words. The (I guess) language observer guy said my accent was fine (phew!), but… well… he just told me what to say. I think I ended up okay though… just as long as he doesn’t remember me. I’ve auditioned with that guy before. I’ve told some of you (what do I mean some of you? only Abbey reads this… so let me rephrase). I’ve never told you about this one audition, but basically I unintentionally insulted the guy. Or gave him attitude. Whatever it was I did, I could tell he took it personally. I think it was just the way I worded something about me needing help in my Spanish vocabulary…

So yeah.

Where was I? Um… taxes… audition… there was something else… bah I can’t remember.

That’s all from the Pulpit today.


4 Responses to “I’m fine I’m fine. I was just overreacting cause there’s AN ALIEN INSIDE OF BLOG!!!”

  1. Abbeynormal Says:

    No lo permitas que te deprima. Eres actor brillante, y la pérdida es suya, no tuya. Como dijiste:

    “No hay nada que pueda romperme el paso. No hay nadie que me pueda detener.”

    • doctorbacon Says:

      Great. A honkey ex who speaks Spanish better than me…
      Well… maybe not that much better… 😛

  2. Abbeynormal Says:

    Are you kidding me? I know maybe 75-80 words in Spanish. I just know lots of people willing to translate stuff. 🙂

  3. Abbeynormal Says:

    Also the term is “gringa.” 🙂

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