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But I’m so freakin blog

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2010 by doctorbacon

4:02 AM at work, listening to some music.

Last week, I shot the short film, FOURPLAY: Tampa. It was loads of fun and, along with work, I was left extremely exhausted; the kinda tired I wholeheartedly welcome. We’re not completely done yet, we still have that shoot for the opening scene which will be done on location, in Tampa. So when it’s completely done, I’ll put the longer blog up about the process. That and the pics I took will be posted then. I want to avoid spoilers and whatnot, ya know? Just know, for now, that it was TONS OF FUN.
sneak peak:

Now that it’s pretty much over, I’m back to not having anything going on. I already started moping around the house today. Ugh. I need to get off my butt-get some energy! Or another gig.

My checks would be nice too… still haven’t gotten my TX DOT check.

Speaking of which, a lot of people are seeing that one. It’s weird, ya know? I’ve done like four commercials and a tv show. Granted I have copies of them, except-no matter how hard I try- that freakin TX lotto one, I have not seen any of them on tv. I don’t know if its some kind of sign, or just coincidence since I only really watch an actual tv at work (I put the news on for the last hour of my shift); all the tv shows I watch I download.

Oh and the hunt for a new/2nd/part time job starts!

I guess that’s all I got for now.



Save the last blog for me

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So, during this past eventful weekend, I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Well, actually I watched it with its picture in picture commentary. I also watched all the extras. Asides, from it being a great movie and a great example of what kind of extras should be on DVDs/Blurays, it reminded me of a notion I like to believe in.

I like to think that when we die, we get a DVD of our lives. The great part is all the extras:

A making of feature: no, not the actual act of conception. If your birth was planned, watch all the decisions that led to it, or, like in my case, if you were an accident, watch the wacky adventures that resulted in you. (that was a fun run on sentence) You would also be able to see any mishaps or zany incidents during your nine months in the womb.

Cast interviews: find out what people genuinely thought about you as if they were being asked by a camera crew. Of course, not everyone will have great things to say about you, but you take the good with the bad.

Alternate/deleted/extended scenes: find out what could have happened if you went to Yale instead of Harvard, if you went out that night you canceled at the last minute, or if you would have kept on going with that conversation/argument you had with mom.

Commentary: what was going on in her mind when she was talking to you?

Trailers: it would just be fun to see your life as a movie trailer. And since we’ve all essentially lived through all the genres, we can choose what type of trailer. Horror-those bullies in high school, that dog that would constantly chase you home. Drama-family issues and big choices in life. Musical-oh c’mon, everyone’s at least sung in the shower! Sci-fi-… everytime you used a cell phone? Eh… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Music from the film: montages of your life set to your favorite songs.

“When the cameras weren’t rolling”-watch some of your dreams!!!

Pop up trivia: Pretty much self explanatory.

Hilarious outtakes!: Those times where you just couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m gonna watch the outtakes over and over.

I know I’ve got some good ones from this past weekend.


Birds flyin high, you know how I blog

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I know, I know. I said I would refrain from talking about personal things and stick to my professional stuff in this blog… but this sadass attempt at a poem ended up being too long for a status update.

Sometimes the act of trying to prevent something is the catalyst.
Opportunities for a bit of morning elegance are missed.
Not looking for love, but at least companionship,
ending up only in a lonely world of shit.
Signs that were honestly misread
led to unintentionally being misled?

I put all my cards on the table, placed the ball in your court;
conveniently missed texts and e-mails result in no retort;
being ignored on that topic, to passive aggression I resort;
in the end, I fail at my brother’s advice in making this a sport.

What started as pretty much just an emotional outlet
turned into a possibility of cashing in some karmal debt.
If I didn’t take the chance, I would always regret,
it could have been something no one would forget.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not all that’s got me undone,
I only feel close enough to tell (almost) all to my dear friend Cochon.
Sometimes, my insomnia hits hard and I shuffle around like a zombie,
missing our ridiculous conversations over a delicious plate of sushi.
I pour daydreams into a cup
and add some sugar to sweeten it up.
Trying to avoid that familiar downward spiral, I reassure myself,
my destination will not again be collecting dust on the shelf.

Although, I gotta say, what you did to really leave me in a sour mood,
you told me you still loved that guy, but in no time you started dating some other… (I dunno… something that rhymes with mood)

Like that last line? That was supposed to be funny, cause I call everyone dude, but I pretended not to be able to think of that word.

Maybe I should have gone with a haiku.

Left in a dark space
I should have put my pants on
and killed that zombie

Man I kill me.

That’s all from the pulpit today.

Orion is blogiful tonight

Posted in Uncategorized on May 3, 2010 by doctorbacon

So I forced myself to be a little social over the weekend. Friday was a fail, I was supposed to go see Taming of the Shrew with my old Frog Prince peeps, but I ended up in a sleep coma. At least I got a good amount of sleep… sorta.

Sat night I went to see Our Town at Zach. It was really awesome; I kept regretting that I didn’t audition for it. After that, I went to a fundraiser for my buddy’s tv show, Toddshow; I mentioned it last time. I am the voice of the show, Don Turtlehammer-essentially the show’s announcer. There were bands, improv troupes, a raffle, and a date auction all leading up to a “sneak preview” of the show. By the time I got there (in character/costume), they were in the middle of the auction. That was pretty cool to watch; they were auctioning “Real dates with fake people” which will be filmed for the show. There was the main man himself Captain Fantasmo(shhh… it’s Todd), a Southern Belle, a dominatrix (who I think got the highest bid), and a super villain-with henchmen! I don’t know who was before Captain Fantasmo.

My old pal, Jason Newman, was there thankfully. He’s on the show too, so I was hoping/planning on having at least one person to talk to while Mr. Captain and (gf) Kelli did hosting duties. Through Jason, I met two girls, one of whom was the Southern Belle, so I had more people to talk to and the night really got fun: conversations about Smurf porn, mint julips, Barbados, coconut drinks, and tree cutting/totem poles. I kinda felt a vibe and when I saw Captain having some free time, I took the opportunity to confirm my vibe suspicions. I asked Jason if he would like me to conveniantly walk away so he could talk to one of the girls alone… ya know… Obviously, I spent the next 10-15 minutes chatting with Fantasmo. Good luck, Jason.

The last group to go up was an improv group… I felt really bad for them. I’m sure they were funny, but by that time-around 2 am-they were losing the crowd. Ya just don’t put comedy acts after music, especially that late. The attention span just isn’t there. They had to be cut short so they could get to the raffle; so many people had left, basically if you were there and you had a ticket, you won some art. And it was some cool art too. Unfortunately, so much of the crowd had left, the big unveiling was cancelled. They were way behind schedule anyway. The viewing was supposed to be at 11. Jason, Toddshow crew, some of the Exquisite Zombies (who are also on the show), my two new friends, and myself were lucky enough to get a small private viewing on Todd’s imac.

Turns out they were just short of $600, which was their aim. They were not even expecting to get half that much, so good for Toddshow!


It’s kinda kinky, but I wanna blog you in that rabbit costume.

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I just came from recording for my buddy Todd, for Toddshow, which was a lot of fun. I also had an audition this morning for a short film. It went okay I guess, but I went after someone who I could tell didn’t do too hot, so I think I left a better impression than I normally would have. Who knows, we’ll see.

As long as I keep getting steady work, I’ll stay in Austin. That’s always been the plan. But the big move to L.A…. well… the mainest reason for the move, or at least the mainest reason for choosing L.A. that is-not the move, was because a friend offered to let me live with him rent free for a bit. He hasn’t spoken to me since Jan. Well, except once, but it was short. So I don’t know if the offer still stands, or if he hasn’t even moved yet. So, with that plan essentially gone in a puff of dust, I’m back to square one.

When I visited my mom, and I told her about how my debt is bigger than my income she offered to help me move. So now the choice is back to the original… L.A. or N.Y.? Or maybe even Chicago?

I think my chances are better in L.A., but I like N.Y. so much more. I think there’s more television in L.A., but I’m pretty sure I’m better on stage, and the better theater stuff is obviously in the Big Apple. If hard times fall, I have my oldest brother and his family in San Francisco, but I just remembered I also have a cousin who lives in, I think, Queens. We haven’t spoken in ages, but we used to be pretty chummy when we were little. Well… more like she and my sister, but she was one of the few of my many relatives who didn’t pick on me, so I know she would be nice to me. I have friends in both cities. Oh and I’ve got a few friends in Chicago too, home of Second City!!!

Any thoughts, Abbey?

That’s all from the pulpit today.