Orion is blogiful tonight

So I forced myself to be a little social over the weekend. Friday was a fail, I was supposed to go see Taming of the Shrew with my old Frog Prince peeps, but I ended up in a sleep coma. At least I got a good amount of sleep… sorta.

Sat night I went to see Our Town at Zach. It was really awesome; I kept regretting that I didn’t audition for it. After that, I went to a fundraiser for my buddy’s tv show, Toddshow; I mentioned it last time. I am the voice of the show, Don Turtlehammer-essentially the show’s announcer. There were bands, improv troupes, a raffle, and a date auction all leading up to a “sneak preview” of the show. By the time I got there (in character/costume), they were in the middle of the auction. That was pretty cool to watch; they were auctioning “Real dates with fake people” which will be filmed for the show. There was the main man himself Captain Fantasmo(shhh… it’s Todd), a Southern Belle, a dominatrix (who I think got the highest bid), and a super villain-with henchmen! I don’t know who was before Captain Fantasmo.

My old pal, Jason Newman, was there thankfully. He’s on the show too, so I was hoping/planning on having at least one person to talk to while Mr. Captain and (gf) Kelli did hosting duties. Through Jason, I met two girls, one of whom was the Southern Belle, so I had more people to talk to and the night really got fun: conversations about Smurf porn, mint julips, Barbados, coconut drinks, and tree cutting/totem poles. I kinda felt a vibe and when I saw Captain having some free time, I took the opportunity to confirm my vibe suspicions. I asked Jason if he would like me to conveniantly walk away so he could talk to one of the girls alone… ya know… Obviously, I spent the next 10-15 minutes chatting with Fantasmo. Good luck, Jason.

The last group to go up was an improv group… I felt really bad for them. I’m sure they were funny, but by that time-around 2 am-they were losing the crowd. Ya just don’t put comedy acts after music, especially that late. The attention span just isn’t there. They had to be cut short so they could get to the raffle; so many people had left, basically if you were there and you had a ticket, you won some art. And it was some cool art too. Unfortunately, so much of the crowd had left, the big unveiling was cancelled. They were way behind schedule anyway. The viewing was supposed to be at 11. Jason, Toddshow crew, some of the Exquisite Zombies (who are also on the show), my two new friends, and myself were lucky enough to get a small private viewing on Todd’s imac.

Turns out they were just short of $600, which was their aim. They were not even expecting to get half that much, so good for Toddshow!



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