Birds flyin high, you know how I blog

I know, I know. I said I would refrain from talking about personal things and stick to my professional stuff in this blog… but this sadass attempt at a poem ended up being too long for a status update.

Sometimes the act of trying to prevent something is the catalyst.
Opportunities for a bit of morning elegance are missed.
Not looking for love, but at least companionship,
ending up only in a lonely world of shit.
Signs that were honestly misread
led to unintentionally being misled?

I put all my cards on the table, placed the ball in your court;
conveniently missed texts and e-mails result in no retort;
being ignored on that topic, to passive aggression I resort;
in the end, I fail at my brother’s advice in making this a sport.

What started as pretty much just an emotional outlet
turned into a possibility of cashing in some karmal debt.
If I didn’t take the chance, I would always regret,
it could have been something no one would forget.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not all that’s got me undone,
I only feel close enough to tell (almost) all to my dear friend Cochon.
Sometimes, my insomnia hits hard and I shuffle around like a zombie,
missing our ridiculous conversations over a delicious plate of sushi.
I pour daydreams into a cup
and add some sugar to sweeten it up.
Trying to avoid that familiar downward spiral, I reassure myself,
my destination will not again be collecting dust on the shelf.

Although, I gotta say, what you did to really leave me in a sour mood,
you told me you still loved that guy, but in no time you started dating some other… (I dunno… something that rhymes with mood)

Like that last line? That was supposed to be funny, cause I call everyone dude, but I pretended not to be able to think of that word.

Maybe I should have gone with a haiku.

Left in a dark space
I should have put my pants on
and killed that zombie

Man I kill me.

That’s all from the pulpit today.


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