Save the last blog for me

So, during this past eventful weekend, I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Well, actually I watched it with its picture in picture commentary. I also watched all the extras. Asides, from it being a great movie and a great example of what kind of extras should be on DVDs/Blurays, it reminded me of a notion I like to believe in.

I like to think that when we die, we get a DVD of our lives. The great part is all the extras:

A making of feature: no, not the actual act of conception. If your birth was planned, watch all the decisions that led to it, or, like in my case, if you were an accident, watch the wacky adventures that resulted in you. (that was a fun run on sentence) You would also be able to see any mishaps or zany incidents during your nine months in the womb.

Cast interviews: find out what people genuinely thought about you as if they were being asked by a camera crew. Of course, not everyone will have great things to say about you, but you take the good with the bad.

Alternate/deleted/extended scenes: find out what could have happened if you went to Yale instead of Harvard, if you went out that night you canceled at the last minute, or if you would have kept on going with that conversation/argument you had with mom.

Commentary: what was going on in her mind when she was talking to you?

Trailers: it would just be fun to see your life as a movie trailer. And since we’ve all essentially lived through all the genres, we can choose what type of trailer. Horror-those bullies in high school, that dog that would constantly chase you home. Drama-family issues and big choices in life. Musical-oh c’mon, everyone’s at least sung in the shower! Sci-fi-… everytime you used a cell phone? Eh… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Music from the film: montages of your life set to your favorite songs.

“When the cameras weren’t rolling”-watch some of your dreams!!!

Pop up trivia: Pretty much self explanatory.

Hilarious outtakes!: Those times where you just couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m gonna watch the outtakes over and over.

I know I’ve got some good ones from this past weekend.



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