But I’m so freakin blog

4:02 AM at work, listening to some music.

Last week, I shot the short film, FOURPLAY: Tampa. It was loads of fun and, along with work, I was left extremely exhausted; the kinda tired I wholeheartedly welcome. We’re not completely done yet, we still have that shoot for the opening scene which will be done on location, in Tampa. So when it’s completely done, I’ll put the longer blog up about the process. That and the pics I took will be posted then. I want to avoid spoilers and whatnot, ya know? Just know, for now, that it was TONS OF FUN.
sneak peak:

Now that it’s pretty much over, I’m back to not having anything going on. I already started moping around the house today. Ugh. I need to get off my butt-get some energy! Or another gig.

My checks would be nice too… still haven’t gotten my TX DOT check.

Speaking of which, a lot of people are seeing that one. It’s weird, ya know? I’ve done like four commercials and a tv show. Granted I have copies of them, except-no matter how hard I try- that freakin TX lotto one, I have not seen any of them on tv. I don’t know if its some kind of sign, or just coincidence since I only really watch an actual tv at work (I put the news on for the last hour of my shift); all the tv shows I watch I download.

Oh and the hunt for a new/2nd/part time job starts!

I guess that’s all I got for now.



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