That dancing blog was really important to me

Man, that was some crap timing this weekend.

I went home to tie up some loose ends on stuff and pretty much drove right back. And I had work. And I had auditions.


As in I was supposed to have them. I ended up canceling on the Hamlet one, partly because they probably weren’t going to be able to get an Equity contract if I was cast, and partly cause I was just so freakin tired and under prepared. The other one… man I totally forgot to even call to set up the appointment. Oh well. My own fault, no one else to blame there.

Tonight is the ACOT awards. I was nominated for a best supporting role for Barfee but I’m not going. I’ve been nominated a few times before, and have never won, but its not really just that. I TOTALLY expect my buddy Jude Hickey to win for his performance in “Leave it to Beverly”. He was brilliant. If you didn’t catch that show, you really missed one of the best performances you’ll ever see. Besides, with the exclusion of Michael McKelvey shows, the original/new shows usually win the awards. Another reason is that I dedicated my performance to someone who is no longer in my life. I don’t care to be reminded about that. But good luck to everyone nominated!

I haven’t heard back from one job I applied for. If I haven’t heard by the end of the week, I’ll send out some more resumes/applications. Gotta stay busy!

David is back in town for TAP camp. He missed my cooking, so I made his favorite dish, beef stew, and we had some friends over. I did some serious cleaning of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom area. Let’s see how long it lasts this time. So far it’s been over a week! I’m not gonna bother with my room, but I’ve gotta wash those dogs!

That’s all from the pulpit today.


One Response to “That dancing blog was really important to me”

  1. Megan and I had a coniption fit when we saw you were nominated. We taught a bunch of our students to spell with their feet.

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