I hate automated blog systems

So I’m covering a shift today. 3-11. WOW super busy. But I did a Team Lead thing that will let me do this. Now don’t go thinking I’m cheating at work or something like that. I’m at least logged into the system. There’s a few guys here who don’t even bother doing that for the whole shift. But that’s another story.

It’s been an eventful few days. I finally got one of my paychecks. So I paid some, bills, got a long overdue haircut (and shaved whilst I was at it), and took myself to some movies. I saw The A-team and Get Him to the Greek. Both movies were very entertaining. Also, as previously mentioned, I’m picking up an extra shift and getting some much needed overtime. I kinda fell behind on bills and whatnot when I did 3 half shift days to film for Tampa.

I made some kickass chili that I’m still chowing down on, and finally got something out of the freezer I had been meaning to try. I made some fried alligator. Yup. You heard (read) me. FRIED. ALLIGATOR. And it was freakin awesome. I had enough to make 3 servings, but I ate it all in one sitting.

I also got a sweet (no pun intended) recipe for root beer cookies. I had them once at Alamo Drafthouse and have been wanting more ever since. I found out why its not a normal menu item there or any other food establishment. Plain old root beer is not an ingredient. What gives the root beer flavor is root beer extract which is not something easily found in your local grocer. But if I ever find some, man I am stocking up on dat stuff!

On top of the overtime for today, I’m expecting to work both my nights off next week, too. One of our clients is having a some kind of big release so we expect ridiculous call volumes. I don’t mind. I like overtime.

Whoopsy, I forgot to post this blog. Everything above this was Sat. It is now during my Sunday night/Monday morning shift.

Moving on.

I guess I forgot to post cause I wasn’t really finished. Something else that happened this past week was that my second Rant finally premiered. After it’s posted on projectrant.com, it’s put on youtube at some point. I saw that people were commenting on it and started reading out of curiosity. Man they are, for the most part, freakin hilarious. Some people thought I was good, some didn’t, one pointed out my white teeth wishing their’s were that white (thank you!), one commented on my “huge earlobes”, and some even thought it was really my rant and some of them were calling me things like douchebag and what not. I got a kick out of these people who decided they hated me. But the best part of them? On this one, and on the other one I found out when I looked it up, I was recognized as the “seat belt guy”! I don’t know why, I just really found that amusing.

Side note on the seat belt thing. When I went to see Greek, there was a banner for the click it or ticket programin the theater lobby. It had the two cops we used, the car, and the two guys in the front seat looked like the guys from the commercial (if it wasn’t really them), but the seat belt guy didn’t look a thing like me. Some bald white guy with a beard. Pretty funny.

Now there may be some of you who may be wondering what my little contest is about on my FB status. And by that, I mean, I bet you wanna know the prize, Abbey. Well aintitcoolnews.com had a sort of contest. By submitting a photo of yourself with your favorite toy, you could get in to see TOY STORY 3 in 3D at IMAX for free. You didn’t have to submit a pic, but doing so gave you priority over those who didn’t and you got to invite more than one guest. I put three other people on my list. One was my friend’s wife, who ended up not being able to go. Now since our names were on a list and that’s how you got in, we needed a substitute wifey. They haven’t checked IDs in the past, so I figured I didn’t have to let the pass go to waste if I could get someone else in. Now you know why I was asking the ladies. And here’s the pic I submitted:

Good thing I didn’t take them home when I went to visit. I took some boxes of stuff I don’t use, and when I got to the box’o’toys, I had a gut feeling I should wait for the next trip to take it home.

Of course, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so that way I wouldn’t have too many e-mails to sift through. Also, I knew right from the start that some girls were thinking I was trying to get a date. I figgerd if you were “afraid I was asking for a date”, you’re not really that much of a friend. And of course that meant less e-mails. Asides the fact that it wouldn’t be a date-since there’ll be two other guys… unless you’re into that kind of thing, which if you are gimme a call ;P, there is such a thing as a friend date.
But I digress.
What I’m trying to get to is, if there are some lady friends of mine who know me on FB, and allofasudden I get some more e-mails after I post this, you’ll automatically lose 10 points. But don’t let that deter you.  I haven’t recieved many e-mails anyway. I won’t say how many, but it’s close to… zero.

On that note, I think that’s it from the pulpit for now.



One Response to “I hate automated blog systems”

  1. I’d love it if you posted the root beer recipe 🙂 And where you found the root beer extract, if you ever do find it.

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