I don’t blog in the lobby just waiting for anybody

Let me tell you about a dream I’ve always wanted to come true.

I would like to have a female friend desperate to impress her friends at her high school reunion, so she asks me to pretend to be her highly, yet equally, successful husband. And we would tell stories and impress her friends all night with highly improbable stories that they believe.

Stop smiling. I really do wish that. Cut it out. Fine. Whatever. Be that way.

Moving on.

My neighbor recognized me from the Don’t Drink and Drive PSA.

And now for behind the scenes trivia for the shoot!

Hugo, the guy in the yellow shirt and wig, did not actually scream in that opening bit. He wasn’t even miked at all for that; so obviously he was dubbed.  If you look closely during our “warm ups”, you’ll notice that the close up of me eating cereal is the same each time they show it. Reason for that? We, I guess mostly because we were behind schedule anyway, forgot to shoot my specific warm up. Originally it was supposed to be something along the lines of:
Hugo putting on face paint
Juan exercising
me lifting a dumbbell with one arm
Hugo screaming
Juan exercising more
me lifting other arm, but its a potato chip and I eat it
Obviously the spot still came out funny. Also, José, the Spanish coach on set, is the Spanish voice you hear at the end of the Spanish spot (and on the seatbelt Spanish spot). Real nice guy. I’m glad he never realized I was “that guy with the attitude”.

My old pal, Colin, kinda moved in yesterday. He’ll be staying with me a for a few weeks while he’s prop mastering for Zach Scott’s production of Metamorphisis, which I expect to be pretty good. I recently saw Becky’s New Car, speaking of Zach. I went to show support for some friends who were in it, but mostly supporting a friend who was working backstage. Really great show. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got some ACoT or some ACT nominations. Maybe if they do, and the girl who played the daughter wins, I can ask her to pretend to be my wife for my high school reunion…

That’s all from the pulpit today.


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