Do you even know or care that you blogged on me?


Sorry, this is a little personal again, but deal with it, cause I’m a little miffed. I went into work yesterday during the evening shift to help with a load test (don’t ask) and pick up some OT. I don’t even remember how we get to this point, but it’s brought up that I don’t drink alcohol. Now I’ve had all sorts of reactions like asking why, looking surprised, and even being impressed but never have I been OUTRIGHT INSULTED! I mean wuthehell? This guy called me a chicken cause I don’t drink?!? And he made the stupid clucking sounds too (unfortunately not like Gob Bluth).

Now, I’ve been insulted before, but not over something like this. It’s like making fun of someone who likes to do charitable work. I’m not comparing not drinking to charitable work, its just not a reason to insult someone. Now, you don’t know why I don’t drink, but you know I have my reasons, and I promise you, they’re not something to poke fun at.

I usually try not to let people get to me, but it was just so random and, like I said, one of the stupidest things to insult. I mean, I barely know the guy. But then again, to help me get over it, I just remind myself who said it. A 32 year old long haired, balding, roadie bearded guy who wears the same purple scrubs to work everyday because he’s studying pharmaceuticals-who also kept talking about how he puts on a lab coat over the scrubs and gets “so much pink taco visits” because the “hot rack chicks” think he’s a doctor. Seriously. He says he does this. Don’t get me started on that. Although what I imagine to really happen does bring a smile to my face… Oh yeah what I call a roadie beard is a full beard with the chin area shaved. This guy does not look like a doctor or even act/talk like he should be one. He’s very much a geek. But not like how its kinda cool to be a geek nowadays. He’s like one of the old school reasons why it wasn’t cool to be one.

I should stop.

Anyway. I was feeling better after a bit when I got home to have some grub before heading back to work for my shift. I ended up running late because I wanted to catch up on America’s Got Talent (don’t judge me monkey, I started watching because Howie Mandel is the new judge and he was a big influence on my humor growing up) so I didn’t have time to make dinner or coffee for my shift. So I stopped at the gas station and bought 2 Frappucinos (sp?). Well, its a good thing I bought two. Why? I’ll tell you why:
I get to work and put my small gas station bag in the fridge and get into the work area. The two people for my shift are already there and waiting to start and there’s only three people left waiting to end their shifts. They leave and we get logged in blah blah blah. I’m barely into the first hour and I already start to nod off, mostly cause I had too much lunch, so at least I know I wasn’t going to end up needing dinner. I let our sister branch know I’m going to the fridge to get one of my drinks to help wake up and… ayup you guessed it one of them was stolen. I freakin swear man. We’ve been having problems with fridge theft, but seriously you think the guy would be smart enough not to take something that has been in there for less than ten minutes. I’m pretty sure I know who it was, but I’m not pointing fingers. I’ll leave that up to my boss. I sent him an angry e-mail (I had some chicken nuggets stolen in the past too) and let him know who the three employees were that left and thus the only suspects.

I know its stupid things to get angry over, but I miss June and July hasn’t been very nice to me so far.

Man I need a drink.



One Response to “Do you even know or care that you blogged on me?”

  1. Yeah, that man never gets laid. He probably drunkenly tries to grope women, who either uncomfortably laugh it off and move away, or slap him in the face and move away.

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