So you’re just gonna leave and not tell me good blog…

So yeah. Lemme sum up. Didn’t get fired. But I got demoted, for 30 days. After that, I’m up for review to see if I can be a Team Lead again, of if I should remain an analyst. I already told my boss, I’ll take the punishment, I deserve it (I was late a lot in only a few weeks), but after 30 days if I’m still being punished when I work harder than some other leads who get away with murder, I won’t be in the next day.

But let us not dwell on the downers. That’s not this blog about. Acting stuffs and good things.

Moving on.

I was at work and got a text from a friend. Basically, she’s the stage manager for Aladdin at Scottish Rite Theater and one of their actors had to go to the hospital and they needed a replacement. I said sure, even though I didn’t know when, what role or that it was even at Scottish Rite, a place I swore I was done with. She then told me I was going to play Aladdin and the first show was THAT MORNING. I got the script around 2 AM and had till around 9 to be off book. If I were still a lead at work, I would have left the other lead in charge and just gone home to work on the script, but since it wasn’t up to me-well… we were pretty busy so its cool-I couldn’t leave till about 5:30.

I was able to get off book and the show went swimmingly. I had to sub for the actor again this morning, and I’m on call for Sat morning, if he’s still hospitalized. Doesn’t matter what it is, that’s his business, so I apologize for not sharing that info.

With how some things have been going this year, I kinda needed that pressure to prove myself. I needed something to really make me feel good about myself and that was it. I mean how much time did I have to prepare? And I didn’t drop any more than 3 lines. Go me.

Although I feel bad cause I missed an audition today, but that doesn’t matter! It won’t be the last audition I get.

Speaking of auditions! Alamo Drafthouse is holding auditions to be an Alamo Event Host. I submitted mine yesterday, which you can see here; many thanks to Josh Painting for helping me film it and he did all the editing. I did a search, just to see if I could check out my competition. I could only find one other guy and this chick. (kay… I found another one whilst looking for the links to hyperattach… that one was just too horrible to link. I’m not gonna do that to you.) Here’s hoping! If I get that, depending on how many gigs I get, that could probably be my main source of income and I could quit my job. Who knows we’ll see.

Still on the hunt for root beer extract.

Hmmm… I thought I had more to share… guess not.

That’s all from the Pulpit for now.



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