How are you doin? Anyway, I think I forgot to tell you last time, I got called in for another Rant. The two guys who run it are in the middle of doing a film, but they want to be able to continue to dish out a new rant per week, so they did some planning ahead and brought in their favorite Rantors and had a Rant marathon weekend and hashed’em out one after another. Usually each actor is given two, maybe three, but to ensure they used all their favorite actors, we were each only given one. As a kind of second rant, the guys had an idea. As I’ve said before, the Rants are also put up on youtube, which of course leads to comments. Cliff and Luis, the Rant guys, thought it would be great to do a Rant about the comments, which is now up. Great stuff.

(man I miss cable… especially food network. sitting here watching Master Chef)

Which reminds me.

Why am I awake right now? Well I’ll tell you. I got into a bit of trouble at work; I didn’t get fired, but was… punished. My punishment is now over, but my new days off are tonight and tomorrow night. Gonna take me a bit to get used to it… and possibly even longer to get used to my new co lead… yeesh.





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