99 problems but a blog ain’t one

So I’ve got an audition next week for two commercials. Nothing big but work is work. Cupid for Zoosk and one of two guys for a golf gear commercial.

The only thing is its the kind of audition I don’t care much for. I have to show up with…

a monologue.

Ugh. I am not a fan of having to show up with a monologue, or for musicals with a prepared song that’s not from the show. Why? Cause I’m a character actor. How would someone audition for Barfee with a song that wasn’t Magic Foot? And when was the last time you ever heard of having to audition for a commercial with a monologue?!?

I’m gonna try and figure out what to do and do my best. I mean hey, she wants to see me, right? So that’s a start. And by she, I mean the director.

There’s a couple of new shows on tv that shot in Texas… hopefully I’ll get to audition for one of those… Man I’d love to be on a good tv series.

Halloween is around the corner. I thought I knew what I was gonna do this year, Henchmen/Number 21 from The Venture Bros. but I decided against it, because his arm… blades would be too hard for me to do… financially speaking. I have two ideas what I’ll do instead, but that was the other reason I decided against it. I prefer no one knows what I’m doing till it’s time to unveil. Whichever I choose this year, I think it will be a good fit for me.

Maybe I’ll go as Cupid.

That’s all from the pulpit.


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