Phew! I had a few auditions last week. Aaaaaaand I didn’t get called back for any of them. No worries. I’m not losing hope. I’ve got stuff lined up for December and I’m going to be working with the ZACH Showstoppers again in a show in late Jan/early Feb.

Although it would be nice to get some work NOW. Those few weeks of demotion that I had has really caught up to me financially. Having a hard time, but so far, no eviction notices 😛 I had a gig today for some more voice work. I butchered some Spanish, but I warned them it wasn’t going to be that great. I was going to decline, but $75 is a looooooot of money.

In other news: I’ve had two zombie dreams in as many weeks. One was actually a bit of a nightmare. I still like to think I’m prepared for a zombie apocalypse if it ever, though I know realistically improbable, happened. However, this one dream, well both actually, there was a bit of a team up. I don’t remember who was with the zombies, but I remember feeling like I had no chances of survival when I woke up nervously sweating. Robots, aliens, Daleks… WAIT! I remember now. IT WAS DALEKS!!! Oh man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Laugh it up; but if you know Daleks, you know my fear justified.

Even better though, was the other dream. This one I had last night. It was zombies and… bikers. Not any type of biker, it was the stereotypical Hell’s Angels type of bikers, which, when you think about it, kind of makes sense. With the stereotypical lack of hygiene, I guess the zombies already thought they were “with their crew”, although the cleaner ones were bit and became still intelligent (well as intelligent as a leader of the pack can be) zombies. That was kind of a fun dream; seeing zombie bikers riding their hogs and sort of herding people into zombie hordes to eat or biker gangs to kill/rape/pillage.

I think it would be nice to audition for a zombie biker flick.


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