Blog me lasagna. NOW!

Those of you who know me know I like analogies. So here’s one. I’ll tell you what I’m talking about at the end.

When you run a race, everyone would like to win. Some people know they’re not gonna win, but they still enjoy the run. Sometimes you’re at the back, with some other people. You’re still giving it your best, and even though you know you’re not gonna win you still enjoy it. You had a good run. And then there are times you get ahead of other people, you get farther than anyone else and have less people running side by side with you. Then you’re in front! You can see the finish line! You think, “I’m gonna cross the finish line first! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna…

And then someone else beat you. You sit there wondering what you did wrong. “I was right there. I thought I was going to win. I was expecting to win.”

That’s how I feel about auditions. I don’t know about my fellow actors, but I find not getting cast after being called back (which can be one callback or even up to THIRTEEN for a single gig) harder to take than not even getting past the first audition.

Last week, I had an audition for a big commercial. It’s a national commercial that’s airing in Canada too. It really could have helped out my financial situation. I made the callbacks, and thought I was a shoo-in. There was only maybe 2 other guys there for the role I was called back for. One was a loud obnoxious guy with no audition etiquette, who, I’m hoping for actor reputation sake, was a non actor who just saw the ad on craigslist. The other guy seemed a bit older than what they were asking for. But in his defense, I thought I looked too young when I first got the notice anyway… So yeah, I spent my weekend pretty down that I didn’t get it.

Today I had an audition for a small role in an indie film. It was for a butcher in a small town who worked his job for a long time. Forget not looking old enough for the part, I don’t think I looked the part at all. But I still went, because I love acting. I could tell I impressed the director; he mentioned his satisfaction with me “actually being off-book” and other things. For the aforementioned reasons, and the guy after me, in his fifties, I know I didn’t get the part, but I walked out feeling good about myself.


Because I had a great run today.



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