Are you sure nothing’s wrong with the system? Like half my blogs are wrong.


I had quite a shift last night/this morning.

So. Let me give you some background first. There’s this IA (Intent Analyst) who only works ONE night a week. Because of this, he tends to forget basic things all IAs should know, and he doesn’t always check his work e-mail to see any changes to utterance handling. Of course, this leads to him not being a good IA… not even a decent one. Even though he is not the brightest around, too talkative for his own good, and possibly A.D.D., I give him benefit of the doubt and blame it on his one night schedule. To give you an idea how… eccentric he can be, he once talked for about an hour on how the G.I. Joe and A-Team movies ACCURATELY PORTRAYED THE GOVERNMENT. Back to the topic, when his answers come back wrong, it’s always, according to him, because no one else knows what they’re doing. There are other things too long to mention here, but worth hearing if you’re ever interested. Trust me, it’s complicated but mostly entertaining.

During overnight shifts, when it gets slow, we have to send people home early. Actually this happens during all the shifts. A lot. He hasn’t been sent home early that often, I can only remember twice, but he always takes it personally. He chooses to ignore that other people have been sent home early throughout the week and/or we try to get rid of the weaker IAs first.

Caught up? Good.

Last night’s story now.

Before we’re even able to log in to the system, it crashes. While they’re fixing it, I let him know about three of our clients that will undergo maintenance later in the night-meaning WAY less calls and the possibility of getting sent home. Of course, he takes it personally, but this time he decides to take it out on me. I’m already not in a good mood what with the system down, us unable to log in (meaning we’re not in the system so we’re not getting paid) and I’m doing everything I can and chatting with our senior location in Indiana on updates; when I’m trying to juggle things and not in a good mood it is not a good time to attack me.  I decide I’ve had enough of his bickering and tell him, somewhat calmly but in a stern raised tone, the facts behind getting sent home and that the last time I sent him I was told to send him home before he even logged in, but I fought to let him work for at least half his shift. He simmered down… for a bit.

We finally got into the system and started taking utts. I thought things were going to settle down but oh was I wrong. Once he started getting handling results back, the tantrum came with them. Slamming his mouse and things of that nature, then finally, “Are you sure nothing’s wrong with the system? Cause like half my answers are coming back wrong.”

I looked at him, and honestly said, “I don’t know what to tell you.”

About an hour after our shift began, he slammed his mouse one final time and said, “You know what?!? I QUIT!” and proceeded to give the company, not me because he learned his lesson on that, a verbal lashing. After his version of triumphantly telling the man where to stick it, he stormed out and slammed the door behind him.

Only to come back quietly and pick up his things he forgot at his desk. Only once before have I ever had such a hard time stifling a laugh.

And then someone else didn’t even show up for their shift. So I was alone for more than half my shift, leaving me unable to do most of my Team Lead duties, but to have that story is TOTALLY worth it.



One Response to “Are you sure nothing’s wrong with the system? Like half my blogs are wrong.”

  1. I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s good when things go wrong at work, because then your superiors get to see how you handle a bad situation. So kudos to you!

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