The Walking Blog

Hokay. This might be a short blog, but you deserve an update for being so patient, waiting for the next blog in my adventures.

I’m cooking right now, and I’ll be straight to the point, which is why this may be short.

Opened A Christmas Carol two weeks ago. Back at Scottish Rite (I know I know, I said I was done, but I need the money). This time I’m playing Scrooge, and I’ve grown some mutton chops that make me feel like I could pull off a badass steampunk look with them… Also doing Journey of the Wisemen again. Opens soon. Starting next week, I’ll be rehearsing for a new show with the Zach Scott Showstoppers. In December, after Carol closes, I’ll be doing a workshop with my Trouble Puppet peeps, and then after the Showstoppers close, I’ll go into rehearsals for another Trouble Puppet show.


Bully Bully Bully

That’s all from the pulpit today.


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