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Bowblogs are cool

Posted in Uncategorized on December 28, 2010 by doctorbacon

So I’m sitting here , as I usually do when I blog, listening to the Tron soundtrack and sipping on a vanilla cream soda while taking a break from a marathon of catching up on downloaded TV shows.

A Christmas Carol has been over for about two weeks now, and Journey of the Wisemen ended last weekend. In case you haven’t heard, I quit my job, for reasons too long and boring to go into here. I cashed out my 401K from my days with ARA, and noticing the timing of quitting my job, I decided to take a Christmas vacation. I got enough money to float me for another month or two, so I’ll (re)begin my job search after the new year has begun.

I know what some of you may be thinking. I’m horrible with money, I should be looking for a job now. But no worries, I’ve learned my lesson with money this past year. I am only paying bills and buying things I need. I splurged a little and bought a couple of nice steaks and two six packs of my favorite vanilla cream soda, but other than that, only things I need. Did I need Season 5 of Doctor Who, Toy Story 3, and Fantasia on Blu-ray? No. But I didn’t buy that with my 401K money. It was a Christmas present to myself with my gig money.

Speaking of gigs, I’ve got another voice session this Wed with my old friend Michael J. Lewis, from the animated movie I did for him. I’ve got no idea what it’s about, but I’ve got one or two lines and I might meet his main character; it’s a paying gig and he’ll buy me lunch. So hey, there’s that.

After that, I’ll be doing a workshop with Trouble Puppet and another one with the director I met doing the Literacy to Life program, which was a ton of fun. I hope they ask me to do it again. After that’s done, it’ll be about a week long, I’ll be doing a remount of The Jungle with Trouble Puppet.

Still speaking of gigs. I decided something when I quit my job. I’ve had my fair share of dead end jobs so that I could make sure I was free enough to act/audition. At this point in my life… well… skipping all the depressive parts let me just say this: it is with a heavy heart that I make a serious change in my life. Or at least will attempt to. I have a great resume and should be in a salaried position, according to some friends of mine. So, once I get back on the job hunt, I’m gonna look for some career type positions and not worry about my availability for auditions or runs of shows anymore. I just literally cannot afford it anymore. Now, don’t take this as in me saying I’m giving up on the dream. Oh by heavens no. I’m just okay with acting now being a hobby.

You haven’t seen the last of me. On stage or screen.

Plus, if I get the right job, maybe I’ll save enough money and still move out to LA/NY/Chicago/wherever and get back on that track. I mean, c’mon, Billy Bob Thorton didn’t get started at a young age.

In the meantime, you just might see me on a corner with a sign reading, “Will act for food.”

Hey, if anything, I’m happier than I was about a month ago.



Tough Blog

Posted in Uncategorized on December 2, 2010 by doctorbacon

Hello gang.

I’ve got some crummy things going on. Today, as a matter of fact, has been an incredibly rough day. On top of some personal things I don’t need to mention, I’ve also got professional bad news like being cut from the Zach Showstoppers show because they couldn’t settle on a Theater for Youth contract with Equity.

I’d appreciate it if you kept me in your thoughts and prayers. If you’re not religious, then you can just gimme a crapload of money next time you see me.