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Kiss the blog

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2011 by doctorbacon

Hello, loyal blogaholics. Phew! Yeah. I know. It has been awhile and I apologize. But you know it can be a good thing when I don’t blog for awhile, right? It’s either cause I haven’t had an audition or it’s because of how busy I am.

So. To catch you up, here’s a quick rundown, including things from before previous blogs.

I quit my job.

I got used to doing nothing during the day, but was still kinda used to staying up all night and sleeping during the day because of the overnight shift.

I went to the ER twice in as many days leading to my surgery. That led me to starting to adapt to sleeping all the time, which lasted about a week. During that time I had a job interview which led to…

I started a new job (in the middle of 3 month training-more on that in a bit) and rehearsals for a show (ditto on info) on pretty much the same day.

So I went from a very inactive lifestyle to a consistently on the move schedule at a time when I essentially NEEDED to keep those low impact “business hours”.

What I’m trying to get at is, because of my drastic change, I haven’t been able to stay on the healing schedule I should be on. That’s okay an all, I’m not trying to make excuses, I’m just saying: I feel fine, but I’m not completely physically healed. At least I found out the other day, I can once again give Jose Hugs. But not too many in a row. I’m still a tad tad swollen.

Hokay. Backtracking for info.

New job. I am currently training to be a Cancer Information Specialist with the American Cancer Society. Great experience, but there can be some… emotionally draining days if I let it get to me. I’m sure you can figure out why.

The show. This Thursday, March 17 (St. Paddy’s Day), is opening night for Trouble Puppet’s The Jungle. Come check it if you have a chance. If you haven’t ever seen a Trouble Puppet show, it might be a little bit of an overload of a new experience, but it will be worth it.

I auditioned for Zach’s Hairspray, but that went to crap. I’ve been trying to keep up with social obligations and see shows, and because of that, with the exclusion of that first week, I have not had one complete day of rest/recovery for myself. Why didn’t I just not see the shows? Well… I do kinda just sit there to watch the show, so I didn’t want to use my need to rest as an excuse. I didn’t really think exercising my ability to focus and pay attention would really take away from my rest. I’m more than happy to discuss what I thought of Flying, Hedda Gabler, Alvida and the Airship Pirates, “Brothers, Boyfriends and Other Criminals”, and whatever other shows I can’t remember right now with you in person. I don’t care to discuss them here, cause it’s not all compliments. But I will say, in the case of the shows where I have not all pleasant things to say, it drives me batty when people who claim to be professional act the most unprofessional.

Yes. I know. I have been guilty of that myself. Stop giving me that look.