Trust me. I’m the Blogtor.

Hokay peeps.

Howya been?

Man. I’ve been busy. Lots of ups and downs.

After Trouble Puppet’s The Jungle closed, I turned around and started tech week for the Out of Ink festival. Thanks to everyone who came out for both. But to my fellow geeks, those of you who missed Out of Ink, you missed the ONE CHANCE to see me play a role that’s the closest I’ll ever get to playing The Doctor. You really missed out.

Oh aaaaaaannnd:


But I digress.

Remember the short film I did last year? IT’S GOING TO CANNES! The Cannes Directors Fortnight to be exact. It was one of only FOURTEEN shorts chosen to be screened; and the only American one. I was invited to go, and there was the slimmest possibility that my way would have been (partially) paid. The film itself was barely produced, and is still trying to raise money, so I knew not to hold my breath; but it was still disappointing when I was told I had to cover my own expenses to get to Paris. So I won’t be attending.

Anyway, there’s a sneak peek at a rough cut next Sat May 30th @ 1pm at the Alamo Ritz. If you can, please make it out. Tickets are a bit pricey, but it’s a fundraiser, and I believe they will be showing one of the other FOURPLAY shorts along with it.

It’s also going to be shown at this year’s Outfest in LA; so if I’ve got any LA peeps reading this, I’ll be visiting you soon.


There are also talks for it to go to another LOCAL but big named film festival. We’ll see what happens.



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