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Another (thankfully) slow Sunday here at work. I forgot my wordpress pw so I’m doing an e-mail draft till I get home.
I’ve got an audition today for an animated web series. Even if I don’t get it, I’m looking forward to how fun that’s going to be. I’ll provide more info if I get cast.
Friday I got a call from my agent. Looks like I’ve booked another PSA… without having to audition… AGAIN. Yay me! It was kind of a misunderstanding that led to me just getting cast but it’s cool. They thought I was on the “inactive” list, which led to the casting director telling my agent to just offer me the part. She wanted to work with me anyway, so had I been on the active list, I might have auditioned just as a formality. It’s another bilingual one so I hope I get that script as soon as possible!
In July, I’ll be going to LA for the stateside premiere of FOURPLAY: Tampa. I can’t wait. After that, it hopefully won’t be much longer till I can finally put up my blogs from filming. I had to refrain from that, per the director’s request due to possible spoilers. I agree with him. When I put them up, I’ll include some pics too. Enjoy the sneak peak pic above till then.
Ya know, I was thinking about the (lack of) audition for the gig I got on Friday. I REALLY need to get out to LA. If I’m at a point in Austin, where I’ve landed two gigs without auditioning, who’s to say I can’t get to that point in LA w/commercials or even pilots. I know two gigs isn’t that many, but I also know of at least one where the audition was only a formality, and there aren’t many actors who can say they didn’t have to audition for a gig, stage shows not included. So I really need to get out to LA and start making a name for myself. I honestly feel I’m already past my comedic prime-dont’ get me wrong, I know I’m still funny-so I better get out there while I still can!

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