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Avengers is coming next year! Who would have thought; the company that DIDN’T have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman would have the big super team movie first? Well, given the number of better quality movies Marvel has come out with, it’s no surprise.

Although, some of us still hope and pray for that big Justice League movie. Below, I have compiled my (mostly) dream team of supers for the film. I made sure to avoided some already cast in their own respective movies. I just felt like doing that, I don’t need to justify to you ūüėõ

Now how did I come to cast these peeps? A lot of people tend to cast only off of looks when they do their dream casting. I went with not only looks, but also experience and talent. ¬†Experience meaning if they’ve done films already that may require training… i.e. knowing martial arts and things like that. Talent meaning… duh! I want someone who’s a good actor playing the role! So yea, I’ll say it now. Angelina Jolie is not my Wonder Woman. I know some may disagree. Feel free to do so; make your own dream cast.

Of course, the main three, the holy trinity of supers from DC, will get the most debate. But let me say this. I’ve always been of the mind that Superman should have a slimmer, more cut, look, Batman should be a bulky looking powerhouse, and Wonder Woman needs to be of fair skin, no tan, with eyes that make you understand she is a woman not to be trifled with. But I digress. Let’s get on with it!

(My apologies on formatting errors-the preview would not match what I was trying to do)

Clive Owen as Superman

He’s got the slim cut look, and man he’s got the acting chops to pull off a mild mannered news reporter and a man of steel. Superman was probably the toughest one I cast.

Clark Bartram as Batman

He’s the only one I cast that’s already played the part. Seriously, look at him. If you haven’t seen Batman: Dead End, you should. Just ignore the horrible Joker played by Growing Pains alum Boner.

 Eva Green as Wonder Woman

She’s a versatile actress. She would need a little training to be an Amazonian fighter, but Wonder Woman is the type who would put someone down with the tiniest amount of effort possible, because you’re not worth her time. Eva can totally pull off the ‘tude of I’m better than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it, be happy¬†I’m on your side.

 Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

I can admit this is fan favorite casting. As great of a job Ryan Reynolds did given the script he had, Nathan is completely the sarcastic boy scout that Hal is supposed to be. Ryan’s portrayal was a bit more cocky than needed to be.

 Doug Jones as Martian Manhunter

In my version, Martian will be a combo of make up and motion capture. Some may say that Andy Serkis is the king of ¬†motion capture, but Doug has the experience of both, and he’s got the alien and superhero experience.

 Daniel Craig as Aquaman

Daniel Craig has played many roles that are the loner type who perfers not to ask for help. I’ve always thought of the Atlantian King Arthur as British anyway. I thought about his as Batman, but I couldn’t envision him as much of a team player as¬†Batman is. I think Craig would be the only man qualified to play this role and make people take Aquaman as the serious threat he can be.

Mark Valley as Barry Allen/The Flash

If you’ve seen Human Target, then you know Mark Valley is very much an action actor with just the right amount of sarcastic humor that fits Barry Allen.

Jay Baruchel as Plastic Man

He’s a lanky funny guy who is somehow much cooler than you would think he is. And often times that coolness can be just in his head. That description can describe both the actor and the character.

Of course, there would be some scenes aboard the Watchtower. With that in mind there would be cameos aplenty. Here are some of my favorites, who could also join in the climactic battle-more on that after the cameo casting.

 Paul Rudd as Blue Beelte II and Bradley Cooper as Booster Gold

One is just happy to be considered a superhero and the other is constantly trying to show he’s more than what people consider him to be. Who else can play these bosom buddies the way these two would?

 Christina Hendricks as Power Girl

Much like Craig/Aquaman, she is the only person with the right build and enough talent for people to see the character as a superhero and not a joke.

 Kristen Bell as Supergirl

Do I really need to explain this one?

 Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel

This is a guy that can pull off the ham and then become an imposing figure at the drop of a dime. He would be perfect to play a little boy in a man’s body without overdoing it.

Sean Bean as Hawkman

I just want to see him deliver an inspiring monologue, kick some ass, and maybe even die a hero’s death.

 Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary

I expect David Gallagher to agree with this the most. You should check her out busting chops in the Chuck television series.

David Duchovny as The Question

Who else should play a conspiracy uncovering agent than the guy with the most experience playing those kind of characters?

Next: I’ll cast the Villains! But who should be the villains? The Legion of Doom? Darkseid? The Crime Syndicate? Tell me what you think!


EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorite guest roles!

 Scott Caan as Green Arrow

Scott Caan has the uncanny ability to get the right balance of arrogance and charm needed to play Oliver Queen. And have you seen his majestic handlebar goatee?


2 Responses to “Justice Blog of America”

  1. Bull Doze Says:

    I agress with everything i have had the pleasure of reading. Not to mention the exitement i had when i saw Booster Gold in the Mix…. as long as Billy Wast does the voice of Skeets

  2. I love your casting for Power Girl and Hawkman! Actually, I love your casting for just about everyone. I dunno about Clark Bartram, but you’re the bigger Batman fan, so I’ll trust your judgment there :o) I can’t wait to see who you cast as the villains!

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