Fourblog: Tampa

Holy crap I’m so sorry I never put these up. And I didn’t realize it was much shorter than I remember. Anywhey, here’s the blog from each day of filming for Fourplay: Tampa. I will put another post up in a few after this one goes out. I hope you enjoy!
So it is now 4:23 AM Thursday May 20 and I’m at work.It’s been a busy week.I started filming Fourplay:Tampa this week. For Sun, Mon, and Tues night I had originally asked off of work since the shoot schedule was 8am-6pm. I was going to keep Wed and Thursday nights since those are the nights I’m the only Team Lead. Then I realized I really can’t afford to lose the money, so those three nights off turned into half shifts. I’ve been so out of it, last night I didn’t realize till I was almost home that I left work an hour earlier than I was supposed to. Today after work is gonna be something…

I decided to give a run down of each day.



The call is me and Zales, a guy by the name of Stanley and a couple of extras: Random Dude (Adam) and Security Gaurd (Rommel). In terms of other characters, Zales is the bookends for the film. I meet him in the beginning and he “discovers” me at the end. For my reveal at the end, my face was covered in “magic juice”. I thought it was going to be my entire body, but I was wrong. To cover my face, and for the “climax”, we have super soakers; they had me lie on the ground and Carlos (screenwriter/producer/Recruiter) just let loose. Zales and the extras were wrapped-that’s film jargon for “they were finished for the film”. Yay! I taught you something! It was a pretty fun day.

Add Recruiter, the aforementioned Carlos, and Headbanger, real name Bob. I guess you could consider Headbanger my co-star? He interacts with me the most and is pretty much the only one to show Louis, my character, any real sympathy. It’s also the first day prosthetics are brought into use. The smell is not one of my favorites, but its not terrible. Two people show up right after lunch. One takes photos and the other one interviews some of the cast with a video camera… behind the scenes people!!! Cool! It was a pretty fun day.Wednesday

Add Speedy, played by Sam, and the duo of Ambercrombie and Fitch, played by Alex and Jericho I think respectively. We do some more shooting at the urinals, and get a few of me in one of the stalls. (Exec?) producer Jason, who is also craft services (food), starts doing graffiti work for the second stall. I get to contribute a sentence for the wall. Even more prosthetics today. For the first time on these 10 hour long shoots, we shoots scenes I’m not involved in. When I’m not on set, I’m crashed on the ground catching some z’s or getting my interview. It was a pretty fun day.That’s where I’m at now. I’ll add Thur and Fri once they’re done. But after that, there’s still one more day. The day of shooting on location in Tampa-but that won’t be till later in the Summer. I’ve been taking pics throughout the shoot, and like with the stage shows I do, they won’t be posted till after its over. Some of them I will not be able to put on Facebook; I think it’s pretty obvious why. Also, for the sake of the director, Kyle, I will not post thisĀ blogtill its done either.But as of right now, I’m sleepy, my legs are insanely cramped from standing on concrete (no tile floor in this mall restroom!) for so long, I have to deal with morning/afternoon traffic again, I go home only to shower and sleep, and I’m getting about 3 hours of sleep per day if I’m lucky because of how busy I am with this film and work.

It’s my kinda week.

Now its 2:30 Friday morning.Thursday

Call was me, a holy man (played by Michael), Hermit (played by Donald), and XXXl, who I didn’t get to meet. All you ever see of him is his feet, and they saved his shots for last; they were all my point of view, so they didn’t need me and I was let go about 15 minutes early. Sometimes you hear about actors getting a little “too into it” and they end up getting hurt or something like that. Well…my left nostril is bruised. Not my nose. My nostril. And a bit of that flappy bridge between the two nostrils. It was a pretty fun day.

Now its 6:25 AM Monday the 24th


Extras extras extras! Now this was a busy day. Shooting-wise though, not for me. I was able to get in two decent naps during the day. Throughout the day extras came and went (hah-pun), but I was the only cast member present the whole time-till about 11 PM. I met a lot of people. After the last scene was shot, I was standing around while they started cleaning up. The back wall of one of the stalls was removable, and I mentioned in passing to the producer, Jason, that it would be kind of cool to keep it as a souvenir. Without batting an eye, he asked, “You want it? It’s yours.” It was a great day.


Though we still have one more day to shoot, in Tampa, for the beginning of the short, since everything else was completed, we had a wrap party. I brought my wall and had everyone sign it. I had a random girl come up to me and tell me recognized me from the TX DOT commercial. I’m not even sure she knew I was in the film! That was a hoot. There was a bit of reminiscing and some behind the scenes footage of the first three days was shown. It was a pretty fun night.

That was the filming blog. For more pics, check out the FOURPLAY: Tampa folder of pics on my FB profile. And don’t forget to check out the Making of… video!



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