Zombies, Blog!

In preparation for the release of Zombies, Run!, I am making a Zombpocalypse playlist for when I jog. I have a jogging playlist, but it’s starting to lose it’s oomph for me. To go with this mood, I want songs that’ll get me in the mindset of shooting some zombies or running away from them. Now granted, I like Don’t Stop Me Now used in Shaun of the Dead, it doesn’t really make me wanna kill zombies or get my blood pumping; so songs like that aren’t on my list. It is energetic though, so it’s on my normal jogging playlist. But just because it was in a zombie movie doesn’t mean it’s right for my list.  So far it’s a short list…


What are your top ten zombie run/kill songs? (ten only please)



One Response to “Zombies, Blog!”

  1. It’s a little blasphemous you didn’t include a mention of “Another One Bites the Dust.” That being said, here are a few others:
    -Through the Never ~ Metallica
    – John the Revelator ~ Depeche Mode
    – Threshold – Scott Pilgrim soundtrack
    – I don’t know the title, but the one that goes “Done, done, and it’s onto the next one…”
    – “Believe” Chemical Brothers
    -“Galvanize” Chemical Brothers

    I’ll come up with some more, but those are some of my favorite intense, blood-pumping songs.

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