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Hello, loyal blogaholics. Phew! Yeah. I know. It has been awhile and I apologize. But you know it can be a good thing when I don’t blog for awhile, right? It’s either cause I haven’t had an audition or it’s because of how busy I am.

So. To catch you up, here’s a quick rundown, including things from before previous blogs.

I quit my job.

I got used to doing nothing during the day, but was still kinda used to staying up all night and sleeping during the day because of the overnight shift.

I went to the ER twice in as many days leading to my surgery. That led me to starting to adapt to sleeping all the time, which lasted about a week. During that time I had a job interview which led to…

I started a new job (in the middle of 3 month training-more on that in a bit) and rehearsals for a show (ditto on info) on pretty much the same day.

So I went from a very inactive lifestyle to a consistently on the move schedule at a time when I essentially NEEDED to keep those low impact “business hours”.

What I’m trying to get at is, because of my drastic change, I haven’t been able to stay on the healing schedule I should be on. That’s okay an all, I’m not trying to make excuses, I’m just saying: I feel fine, but I’m not completely physically healed. At least I found out the other day, I can once again give Jose Hugs. But not too many in a row. I’m still a tad tad swollen.

Hokay. Backtracking for info.

New job. I am currently training to be a Cancer Information Specialist with the American Cancer Society. Great experience, but there can be some… emotionally draining days if I let it get to me. I’m sure you can figure out why.

The show. This Thursday, March 17 (St. Paddy’s Day), is opening night for Trouble Puppet’s The Jungle. Come check it if you have a chance. If you haven’t ever seen a Trouble Puppet show, it might be a little bit of an overload of a new experience, but it will be worth it.

I auditioned for Zach’s Hairspray, but that went to crap. I’ve been trying to keep up with social obligations and see shows, and because of that, with the exclusion of that first week, I have not had one complete day of rest/recovery for myself. Why didn’t I just not see the shows? Well… I do kinda just sit there to watch the show, so I didn’t want to use my need to rest as an excuse. I didn’t really think exercising my ability to focus and pay attention would really take away from my rest. I’m more than happy to discuss what I thought of Flying, Hedda Gabler, Alvida and the Airship Pirates, “Brothers, Boyfriends and Other Criminals”, and whatever other shows I can’t remember right now with you in person. I don’t care to discuss them here, cause it’s not all compliments. But I will say, in the case of the shows where I have not all pleasant things to say, it drives me batty when people who claim to be professional act the most unprofessional.

Yes. I know. I have been guilty of that myself. Stop giving me that look.



Your gallblogger is infected…

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First night in the ER

Well, I think it’s time to update you on the adventure I was on last week. Ruining the ending of the story: I got my gallbladder removed. If you’re interested in reading about all the exploits, continue.

Day 1: Monday night/Tuesday morning

I’m at home playing Dead Space 2 and I start feeling a pain in my chest. I try to ignore it, but it gets worse. So around 3 am, I take myself to the ER for ulcer symptoms/pains. I was in pretty bad shape. After a few attempts with pain killers (injected variety) they moved on to the morphine. It took THREE doses of morphine before the pain began to subside. They took a chest x-ray, an EKG, and an ultrasound to see if I had stones-which came back negative. With the morphine in my system, I had to get a ride home from my pal Josh. I was let go around 8. On the way out, I started to feel the pain coming back, but thought it was just me. He took me to pick up my meds at HEB, and I rescheduled an interview I had that day for a new job.


Day 2: Tuesday night/Wed morning

I wake up around 7 pm after sleeping off the morphine and feel the pain at about a quarter of what it was the night prior. I figure I just need the acid blocker and other meds I was prescribed and had some dinner. The pain came back like it was building up speed. The more it hurt, the faster it hurt more. Without my car, I had to call Josh again for a ride to the ER. I had a feeling I knew it was gonna lead to something more, so I grabbed my phone charger.

I go through the same routine as the night before, but the nurse from then was there so she was kinda ahead of what needed to be done. The doctor I got this night decided for a CT; which led to him finding that my gallbladder was a little inflamed compared to what he saw on the scans from the night before and a CT I took last year (I guess I can let you know-I went to the ER last year too. At that time it WAS only an ulcer). He informed me he wanted to keep me for the day to monitor my stats and see if surgery was necessary.

The hospital was full, so I had to wait in the ER for about two hours before I got a room… in the OB wing. I knew I was gonna enjoy my stay. I ended up having to reschedule my interview again.

My third doctor came in and told me he was updated on everything and wanted me to have a HIDA scan. Having that done, he came to inform me a few hours later that my gallbladder was infected and needed to be taken out. We chatted about it, and of course my concern was not my well being, but if and when I would be able to do this interview. The recruiter had a deadline right around the corner.

Also, my mother wanted me to either wait for her to come, or me to DRIVE home and have the surgery there. Ugh. So many problems with that. (My sister told her, not me-I didn’t want her to know). I understand she was just being a mother, but 1. with this pain I was in no condition to drive and 2. it could be toenail surgery but just the fact that surgery was mentioned, it was life or death to her and she was freaking out. I was more worried about her safety than my own. It got to a point where my mom was going to take a bus to Dallas and then rent a car to drive to Austin. MY MOM DOES NOT DRIVE!!! I couldn’t have the surgery without her here, so I had to wait, but I couldn’t wait, because granted it wasn’t killing me, it could easily get to that point if we left it untreated. Through MUCH effort between me and my sister, we finally convinced her to stay home. I give the doctor the okay and he gets me on the schedule for the next day.

Throughout the day, they were giving me Dilantin 2 (I think) and other stuff to sleep and whatnot. Now, some of you know how much of a terribly lite sleeper I am. The results of that combined with the medicine were… interesting. While under, if I heard footsteps or any other sound from the hallway I would wake up, thinking a nurse was about to come in or maybe even a visitor (more on that in a moment), but I wouldn’t open my eyes. I was completely aware of the room I was in, that I was in a hospital, and that I was drugged up, but the dream would continue and the me in the dream wasn’t aware he was in a dream. It was like my brain was multitasking realities. They were fun dreams too, but I had a hard time remembering them. The only two I remember right now are one where I was teaching Carrie Fisher how to fence, but we were using umbrellas and one where Popeye’s had to change their name to Fun Fried American Chicken. Dream me was real upset about that one.


Now about the visitors. You guys know I don’t care much about making a big deal about stuff that happens to me (see: birthdays). But posting about this on FB wasn’t so much about me wanting attention, it was about me wanting company. Not like in a “I’m afraid I won’t make it through this procedure” kinda way; I don’t see people or get out as much as I would like, so this was an especially good excuse to see people and be a little social. I spent more of it catching up with friends than discussing my innards.

I was told to make sure to eat before midnight and was apprehensive about hospital food till my nurse gave me a menu. It’s not what it used to be, specific foods at certain times, according the menu. I could get whatever I wanted on it just as long as I ordered before they closed at 7 and ate it before midnight. I ordered a chicken breast sandwich, mac and cheese (because I LOVE mac and cheese) and I figured I would spoil myself with a rare sweet tooth craving for a slice of boston creme pie.

A word to the wise, do not let this new menu format fool you. The chicken was probably the worse chicken I had ever eaten and the mac and cheese tasted like yellow flavored card board. But the boston creme pie? OH THE BOSTON CREME PIE! It was heavenly. Oh and  the sprite I ordered was just enough to drown a hamster.

Day 3: Thursday

I have my surgery. Whatever they used to put me under was strong. Whatever they used to get me READY to be put under was strong. The guy who introduced himself to me as the assistant to the surgeon said, while they were strapping me to the surgical table, that he was going to inject with me something to get ready to go under and then the doctor/surgeon would talk me through the rest till I was under.  If that happened I don’t remember. There wasn’t even a countdown or anything. All I know is one minute I hear people getting things ready and monitors beeping away, and the next I’ve got something (gas mask thingie) shoved in my face. Whatever I was dreaming I think the doctor jargon I may have heard influenced me into having some type of sci-fi/conspiracy dream. When I woke up, I thought I was caught and they were trying to drug me (with the gas mask thingie). I put up a bit of a fight, mumbling as best I could that they were after me and I was going to get caught before I was talked down and realized/remembered I was just coming out of surgery. I got a few scratches in the process (which you can barely see some in the pic), but that was completely and humorously my own fault. I did my best to sound clear and continually mumbled my apologies to the nurse who was just trying to do their job.

"Thrrcumbintgtmi!" (They're coming to get me)

I was going to be dismissed that day, but the nurse who came to give me some vicodin did so without realizing I hadn’t eaten all day. You should NOT take it on an empty stomach, as I found out. I got up to use the restroom and btwn going back to my bed and talking to a friend who had just walked in, I became violently nauseous. Right in time for the doctor to walk in and see, so he kept me for another day.

After feeding on jello, applesauce, and crackers, I was finally given the okay to order real food for dinner. I looked at the menu and thought it out, considering what I was given the day before. With the cake being that good, they had to have bought it at a store pre-made; so what else would be like that. Chicken noodle soup. I ordered that and was on the mark. I know the taste of Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup anywhere. And I ordered TWO slices of heaven. I mean boston creme pie. I still want some more.

Breakfast of just cut open champions.

Day 4: Friday

I order breakfast which while it looked like tiny portions (in hindsight I think it was only because of the size of the plate), it was pretty filling and actually pretty tasty. Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and (pre made as I supsected) yogurt parfait. Doctor takes one last look at me and tells me to schedule a follow up with him for next week. Until then, I am unable to drive.

I get around just fine, I just have to go a little slow or I get extremely dizzy and a little nauseous at times. I’ve been sleeping in my recliner, since getting up takes some effort and I don’t want to try to do it from lying completely flat. I may try that tomorrow though, now that I’m less sore. I’m super itchy, now that my hair is growing back where they shaved it for the procedure which is pretty annoying. I should be back to normal shenanigans in about 5 more weeks.

Oh the job interview? It was today. I had rides taken care of. While I know they already really wanted me, I think I impressed them: going to an interview while still recovering from a surgery. I’m pretty sure I got it, the only ONLY reason I wouldn’t get it, is if the background paperwork doesn’t get back to them in time-which is why they almost didn’t want to reschedule me when they found out about the surgery. But then two hours later she (the recruiter) called back saying she would take that chance.

That was quite a long blog so I think…

That’s all from the pulpit today.


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Lemme just say I’m in Cali right now.

Had some In’n’Out today. It was great. Better than I remembered, cause I know to order off the “secret menu” now and then relaxed at Barnes and Nobles and caught up on some Scott Pilgrim reading. Right now I’m waiting for some delivery and I’ma get my dinner on.



Bowblogs are cool

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So I’m sitting here , as I usually do when I blog, listening to the Tron soundtrack and sipping on a vanilla cream soda while taking a break from a marathon of catching up on downloaded TV shows.

A Christmas Carol has been over for about two weeks now, and Journey of the Wisemen ended last weekend. In case you haven’t heard, I quit my job, for reasons too long and boring to go into here. I cashed out my 401K from my days with ARA, and noticing the timing of quitting my job, I decided to take a Christmas vacation. I got enough money to float me for another month or two, so I’ll (re)begin my job search after the new year has begun.

I know what some of you may be thinking. I’m horrible with money, I should be looking for a job now. But no worries, I’ve learned my lesson with money this past year. I am only paying bills and buying things I need. I splurged a little and bought a couple of nice steaks and two six packs of my favorite vanilla cream soda, but other than that, only things I need. Did I need Season 5 of Doctor Who, Toy Story 3, and Fantasia on Blu-ray? No. But I didn’t buy that with my 401K money. It was a Christmas present to myself with my gig money.

Speaking of gigs, I’ve got another voice session this Wed with my old friend Michael J. Lewis, from the animated movie I did for him. I’ve got no idea what it’s about, but I’ve got one or two lines and I might meet his main character; it’s a paying gig and he’ll buy me lunch. So hey, there’s that.

After that, I’ll be doing a workshop with Trouble Puppet and another one with the director I met doing the Literacy to Life program, which was a ton of fun. I hope they ask me to do it again. After that’s done, it’ll be about a week long, I’ll be doing a remount of The Jungle with Trouble Puppet.

Still speaking of gigs. I decided something when I quit my job. I’ve had my fair share of dead end jobs so that I could make sure I was free enough to act/audition. At this point in my life… well… skipping all the depressive parts let me just say this: it is with a heavy heart that I make a serious change in my life. Or at least will attempt to. I have a great resume and should be in a salaried position, according to some friends of mine. So, once I get back on the job hunt, I’m gonna look for some career type positions and not worry about my availability for auditions or runs of shows anymore. I just literally cannot afford it anymore. Now, don’t take this as in me saying I’m giving up on the dream. Oh by heavens no. I’m just okay with acting now being a hobby.

You haven’t seen the last of me. On stage or screen.

Plus, if I get the right job, maybe I’ll save enough money and still move out to LA/NY/Chicago/wherever and get back on that track. I mean, c’mon, Billy Bob Thorton didn’t get started at a young age.

In the meantime, you just might see me on a corner with a sign reading, “Will act for food.”

Hey, if anything, I’m happier than I was about a month ago.


Tough Blog

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Hello gang.

I’ve got some crummy things going on. Today, as a matter of fact, has been an incredibly rough day. On top of some personal things I don’t need to mention, I’ve also got professional bad news like being cut from the Zach Showstoppers show because they couldn’t settle on a Theater for Youth contract with Equity.

I’d appreciate it if you kept me in your thoughts and prayers. If you’re not religious, then you can just gimme a crapload of money next time you see me.

The Walking Blog

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Hokay. This might be a short blog, but you deserve an update for being so patient, waiting for the next blog in my adventures.

I’m cooking right now, and I’ll be straight to the point, which is why this may be short.

Opened A Christmas Carol two weeks ago. Back at Scottish Rite (I know I know, I said I was done, but I need the money). This time I’m playing Scrooge, and I’ve grown some mutton chops that make me feel like I could pull off a badass steampunk look with them… Also doing Journey of the Wisemen again. Opens soon. Starting next week, I’ll be rehearsing for a new show with the Zach Scott Showstoppers. In December, after Carol closes, I’ll be doing a workshop with my Trouble Puppet peeps, and then after the Showstoppers close, I’ll go into rehearsals for another Trouble Puppet show.


Bully Bully Bully

That’s all from the pulpit today.

Excuse me, I’m looking for a little blog…

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So I put a note on Facebook about my top ten scary movies and video games. I’m gonna go more in depth for each one here. Now, let me explain my criteria. Some of you may be wondering why none of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies are on here, though I am a rabid fan of the series. Or Friday the 13, Halloween, Poltergeist or other such movies. One of my biggest factors in listing a film was if I was still scared AFTER the movie. All of these following movie left a lasting impression on me, whether just for the rest of that night, a few months, or even to this day.
Let’s start with the movies. I’ll add my favorite scariest moment for each while trying to remain spoiler free. In no particular order:

Paranormal Activity
People either hate or love this movie. This movie suffered from what I’m calling the Blair Witch disease. I saw BW after all the hype hit, and I didn’t find it scary at all, but I understood how people could find it scary. Now PA, on the other hand, I saw before it all hit. See more about that night here. But after that movie, even with all my own personal paranormal experiences, things were put in a different light for me. A week or so after we (we as in the Spelling Bee cast, in case you didn’t click the link) saw it, we went to two haunted houses on two different occasions. Both times, the gang was in a silly mood and couldn’t decide who would go in first because they were all afraid of what waited inside. While the guys fought over it, it clicked for me. I just thought to myself, “This isn’t Paranormal Activity.” I basically just calmed myself down and remembered all the tricks I know they pull in haunted houses to scare and that they can’t touch you, remembered all the real things I’ve been through and how I came out. I led the way each time, and people cringed behind me, my friend LA even occasionally clutched my arm. Nothing has scared me since, except for The Strangers, which I’ll explain when I get to that one.

Scariest moment: For me, pretty much how a good portion of it reminded me of one of my own particular experiences.

The Strangers
This is the only movie that has scared me since I saw Paranormal Activity, and it’s because how it’s based on true events. Loosely based or completely based doesn’t matter; it delves into how crazy some people can be. How they can just come into your home, torture you, then kill you and not see anything wrong with it. I watched this movie alone in my house and even though it was the middle of the day, especially with my surround sound, I still found myself nervously and quickly looking behind me every now and again just to make sure no one was standing there.

Scariest moment: When you see the Strangers were already in the house before they even know it.

The ExorcistFor reasons I will not go into, I will only say I did not finish watching this movie.

Scariest moment: leave me alone. 😛

Not many people found this movie very scary. What I think really added to this movie is if you have read the short story it’s based on. There was a lot you may have missed if you didn’t know to look, or listen, for it.

Scariest moment: I don’t really have a scariest moment, but the sound really set the mood. If you’ve read the book, you know about the constant references to being on a boat. Listen carefully and you will hear the constant creaking sounds of a rocking boat.

A movie starring The Greatest American Hero, William Katt, this movie was just one of my favorite movies growing up. Anytime I saw it was going to be on HBO, I made sure to stay up so I could watch it. A Vietnam vet who is a horror novelist moves into a recently deceased relative’s house-you know things are gonna happen! Richard Moll, Bull of Night Court fame, was in it also, as well as George Wendlandt. This cult classic had the unfortunate luck of getting a comedic sequel. It sucked donkey balls.

Scariest moment:  Chimney. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

Dog Soldiers

Ah. Scottish werewolves. A military group gets dropped in what is supposed to be a training session against a rival military group, but after finding all but one of the opposing team mauled, they find out this was not intended to be a training experiment. Awesome awesome movie. This is the movie that inspired me to start my ghost stories in Scottish accent, but that’s another story. I had the priveledge of seeing this at the Alamo Drafthouse with the director/writer in attendance. There was a ton of homages in the film to other horror/sci-fi flicks, which if we didn’t catch he made sure to point out. There is no spoon.

Scariest moment: “You’re right behind me aren’t you?”

Night of the Living Dead

I am fortunate enough to say that the first zombie movie I have ever seen is also the one that started it all. It is also the first horror movie, I can remember seeing. I saw it on a Halloween night. I was dressed as Dracula and was about to walk out the door. I went through the living room and my brother was watching it. I had only missed the first few minutes he said, and I was right on time to see the first shuffling animated corpse. I just stood there mesmorized by what I was seeing. Curiosity kept me interested, but fear kept me from moving. I literally watched the entire movie standing in the same spot and I didn’t go trick-or-treating that night.

Scariest moment: Going into the basement


I watched this movie thinking I was getting ready to watch a comedy on HBO. I didn’t know what it was about, just that John Goodman was in it; I was too young and dumb to know the definition of the title. This movie left me with it’s titles namesake.

Scariest moment. The shower. I still panic a little every now and then when I have to wash my hair and close my eyes.

The Mist

Great great film directed by Frank Darabont, who is bringing us Walking Dead, based on a story by Stephen King. Another movie I had the privelege of seeing at the Alamo with the director. He had to rewrite the ending so that… well… so that it actually HAD an ending. Stephen King himself admitted that he didn’t really give it an ending, but if he did, he would have given it the ending Mr. Darabont did.

Scariest moment: Well… because of Arachnophobia, that whole scene in the pharmacy.

28 Days later
An amazing take on the zombie genre made even better with the crazy awesome soundtrack. To see it take affect on people so quickly, LIVING people, just made it nuts. I highly recommend getting the DVD and checking out the alternate endings.

Scariest moment: Subway tunnel.

And now for the games. I wanted to keep it fair, so franshises only get one spot, I didn’t want most of this list to be Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Although because of that, I don’t have a top ten. Again though, I had a criteria. The fear had to stick with me even when I turned off the game. There had to be a feeling of isolation in it-so no multiplayer games.  And you might be wondering why Bioshock is not on the list… I was never really scared. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the games. They were certainly intense and raised my pulse at moments, but it wasn’t scary if that makes sense. I dunno. Moving on.

The Games:

The Silent Hill series

Whether you’re looking for your daughter, the wife you thought was dead, or just tyring to figure out how you’re connected to the city, Silent Hill will always have a place in my heart. Quality started to go downhill after the third one and while Homecoming showed promise, it let me down because, for a PS3 release, it was very much a PS2 game. Especially when they really dropped the ball on the UFO ending. What? Oh yeah, each game has multiple endings including a UFO ending. And I think the first one did it best. Everything you had to do to get to that ending got me more and more creeped out, then when I finally got it, they dropped that comedy bomb on me and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Favorite game of the series: While I think 2 is the best, the third one if probably my favorite (maybe tied with the first one), if only for the fact that you can change costumes, including unlocking a Sailor Moon-like outfit with super powers.

Dead Space

Wow. In space, no one can hear you scream… except yourself. To hear that muffled scream in your spacesuit whenever you died was so freakin awesome. And there was such camerawork in the game that I had never seen before which gave it a greater sense of urgency whenever it needed it. My roomie played it and couldn’t stop. I came home from work one day and he was further than I was. I didn’t want to hear anything, and so to avoid spoilers, I got on my computer and put on the headphones and listened to Rammstein really loud. When David got to the final boss, I could hear him screaming like a little girl even over the music.

Scariest moment: Getting to the medical lab and seeing that little scene playout between the doctor and the “patient”.

The Resident Evil series

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. And then not zombies but alien things that were just basically like super zombies to me. I don’t really know how to explain it, but the more complex the flowing storyline gets, the more I enjoy it.
Favorite game of the series: I would have to say the second of the series. Not only did I get introduced to Claire Redfield (REDHEAD ALERT!!!), I get my first dosage of replay value. When the game is over, you can play through again as the other character and choices you made on the first run through impact what happens in the second go round. And then you find another ending after the first one.

Eternal Darkness

Now this game did its best to mess with the player. It included a sanity meter which affected your game experience depending on it’s level. Did your game flicker and go back to the title screen? That was the game messing with you. Did it delete your file instead of saving it? Another trick. It was so cool to get so stressed when you thought the worst only to find, basically, the game was screwing with you. The real downside was you had to play for all three demigods (?) before you could get to the ultimate ending. There was no difference between the three except inserting the proper animation/voice for each demigod.

Scariest moment: Bathtub. Nuff said.

The Suffering

A man gets sent to a prison island for a crime he may or may not have committed. The way you play the games affects whether or not he is guilty as you experience flashacks revealing more of his story as the game progresses. The demons on the island are all based on different forms of execution, from gas, hanging, lethal injection, to a firing squad. No matter how you play, this guy’s got a demon within that needs to be released. Literally. Too bad the sequel was utter crap.

Scariest moment: Hearing that blade-y sound alerting you that one of those blade demons was nearby.


I don’t remember much of the plot on this one, I just remember how messed up it was and how I had a few sleepless nights from playing it. But man, you just gotta check it out. For the fear inducing moments, or at least to mock how stupid the main character is based on her choices or just the lame physical acting.

Scariest moment: Baby’s room. Green foggy thing and the teddy bear.

Friday the 13th

This game didn’t remind me of any of the movies at all. But starting a game where ROCKS are your only weapon?!? The weird mood setting 8-bit music really helped creep me out. I found this game scarier than any of the movies.

Scariest moment: Bumping into Jason before you’ve gotten any weapon upgrades.

Since I didn’t have ten games for my list, I’m going to include two bonus scary moments from games that weren’t in the horror genre.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-Whenever that freakin mummy thing would scream before jumping on you and you would freak out, mashing buttons to try to get him off of you.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask-ANYTIME you put on one of those three main masks. The freakin cutscene would send a shiver up my spine each and everytime. You have no idea how relieved I was when I discovered you could skip it.
Well, I guess that’s it from the pulpit today. Have a great Halloween!