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Hokay, blogaholics.
Update times.
FOURPLAY: Tampa was well recieved at Sundance! It didn’t win any awards, but I heard it had a bit of a cult following. A few good reviews, like this one; but unfortunately there was one bad review. Now don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into and was a little expectant of some negativity. I am surprised it was only one, but the bad part is it’s the one review on our IMDB entry. Oh well. It doesn’t bother me none, but I’m sure it won’t help the movie much. What really chaps my hide about it is that it seems more like an insulting review than constructive criticism. Also, the guy says he never rates 1 star or less…but it’s his ONLY review on IMDB…
On, sort of, another note, I’m itchin to film again. Not so much to say I was in a film, come see it, help us raise money, hey look at me, blah blah blah. I just miss that rockstar feeling (who wouldn’t?), but I really miss that feeling of doing what I LOVE and knowing I’m being paid for it, (sometimes) just sitting around doing nothing (waiting for setups) and getting to know your “co-workers”, not having to deal with dumb/angry customers, no cancer stress, no WORK stress, going home and sometimes feeling drained but in such a good way. I don’t care if it’s a 4 am call with an 11 pm wrap for not the greatest pay; I miss the fun, the comraderie, the crew, and the atmosphere.
Just sayin.

Zombies, Blog!

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In preparation for the release of Zombies, Run!, I am making a Zombpocalypse playlist for when I jog. I have a jogging playlist, but it’s starting to lose it’s oomph for me. To go with this mood, I want songs that’ll get me in the mindset of shooting some zombies or running away from them. Now granted, I like Don’t Stop Me Now used in Shaun of the Dead, it doesn’t really make me wanna kill zombies or get my blood pumping; so songs like that aren’t on my list. It is energetic though, so it’s on my normal jogging playlist. But just because it was in a zombie movie doesn’t mean it’s right for my list.  So far it’s a short list…


What are your top ten zombie run/kill songs? (ten only please)


Fourblog: Tampa

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Holy crap I’m so sorry I never put these up. And I didn’t realize it was much shorter than I remember. Anywhey, here’s the blog from each day of filming for Fourplay: Tampa. I will put another post up in a few after this one goes out. I hope you enjoy!
So it is now 4:23 AM Thursday May 20 and I’m at work.It’s been a busy week.I started filming Fourplay:Tampa this week. For Sun, Mon, and Tues night I had originally asked off of work since the shoot schedule was 8am-6pm. I was going to keep Wed and Thursday nights since those are the nights I’m the only Team Lead. Then I realized I really can’t afford to lose the money, so those three nights off turned into half shifts. I’ve been so out of it, last night I didn’t realize till I was almost home that I left work an hour earlier than I was supposed to. Today after work is gonna be something…

I decided to give a run down of each day.



The call is me and Zales, a guy by the name of Stanley and a couple of extras: Random Dude (Adam) and Security Gaurd (Rommel). In terms of other characters, Zales is the bookends for the film. I meet him in the beginning and he “discovers” me at the end. For my reveal at the end, my face was covered in “magic juice”. I thought it was going to be my entire body, but I was wrong. To cover my face, and for the “climax”, we have super soakers; they had me lie on the ground and Carlos (screenwriter/producer/Recruiter) just let loose. Zales and the extras were wrapped-that’s film jargon for “they were finished for the film”. Yay! I taught you something! It was a pretty fun day.

Add Recruiter, the aforementioned Carlos, and Headbanger, real name Bob. I guess you could consider Headbanger my co-star? He interacts with me the most and is pretty much the only one to show Louis, my character, any real sympathy. It’s also the first day prosthetics are brought into use. The smell is not one of my favorites, but its not terrible. Two people show up right after lunch. One takes photos and the other one interviews some of the cast with a video camera… behind the scenes people!!! Cool! It was a pretty fun day.Wednesday

Add Speedy, played by Sam, and the duo of Ambercrombie and Fitch, played by Alex and Jericho I think respectively. We do some more shooting at the urinals, and get a few of me in one of the stalls. (Exec?) producer Jason, who is also craft services (food), starts doing graffiti work for the second stall. I get to contribute a sentence for the wall. Even more prosthetics today. For the first time on these 10 hour long shoots, we shoots scenes I’m not involved in. When I’m not on set, I’m crashed on the ground catching some z’s or getting my interview. It was a pretty fun day.That’s where I’m at now. I’ll add Thur and Fri once they’re done. But after that, there’s still one more day. The day of shooting on location in Tampa-but that won’t be till later in the Summer. I’ve been taking pics throughout the shoot, and like with the stage shows I do, they won’t be posted till after its over. Some of them I will not be able to put on Facebook; I think it’s pretty obvious why. Also, for the sake of the director, Kyle, I will not post this blogtill its done either.But as of right now, I’m sleepy, my legs are insanely cramped from standing on concrete (no tile floor in this mall restroom!) for so long, I have to deal with morning/afternoon traffic again, I go home only to shower and sleep, and I’m getting about 3 hours of sleep per day if I’m lucky because of how busy I am with this film and work.

It’s my kinda week.

Now its 2:30 Friday morning.Thursday

Call was me, a holy man (played by Michael), Hermit (played by Donald), and XXXl, who I didn’t get to meet. All you ever see of him is his feet, and they saved his shots for last; they were all my point of view, so they didn’t need me and I was let go about 15 minutes early. Sometimes you hear about actors getting a little “too into it” and they end up getting hurt or something like that. Well…my left nostril is bruised. Not my nose. My nostril. And a bit of that flappy bridge between the two nostrils. It was a pretty fun day.

Now its 6:25 AM Monday the 24th


Extras extras extras! Now this was a busy day. Shooting-wise though, not for me. I was able to get in two decent naps during the day. Throughout the day extras came and went (hah-pun), but I was the only cast member present the whole time-till about 11 PM. I met a lot of people. After the last scene was shot, I was standing around while they started cleaning up. The back wall of one of the stalls was removable, and I mentioned in passing to the producer, Jason, that it would be kind of cool to keep it as a souvenir. Without batting an eye, he asked, “You want it? It’s yours.” It was a great day.


Though we still have one more day to shoot, in Tampa, for the beginning of the short, since everything else was completed, we had a wrap party. I brought my wall and had everyone sign it. I had a random girl come up to me and tell me recognized me from the TX DOT commercial. I’m not even sure she knew I was in the film! That was a hoot. There was a bit of reminiscing and some behind the scenes footage of the first three days was shown. It was a pretty fun night.

That was the filming blog. For more pics, check out the FOURPLAY: Tampa folder of pics on my FB profile. And don’t forget to check out the Making of… video!


Justice Blog of America

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Avengers is coming next year! Who would have thought; the company that DIDN’T have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman would have the big super team movie first? Well, given the number of better quality movies Marvel has come out with, it’s no surprise.

Although, some of us still hope and pray for that big Justice League movie. Below, I have compiled my (mostly) dream team of supers for the film. I made sure to avoided some already cast in their own respective movies. I just felt like doing that, I don’t need to justify to you 😛

Now how did I come to cast these peeps? A lot of people tend to cast only off of looks when they do their dream casting. I went with not only looks, but also experience and talent.  Experience meaning if they’ve done films already that may require training… i.e. knowing martial arts and things like that. Talent meaning… duh! I want someone who’s a good actor playing the role! So yea, I’ll say it now. Angelina Jolie is not my Wonder Woman. I know some may disagree. Feel free to do so; make your own dream cast.

Of course, the main three, the holy trinity of supers from DC, will get the most debate. But let me say this. I’ve always been of the mind that Superman should have a slimmer, more cut, look, Batman should be a bulky looking powerhouse, and Wonder Woman needs to be of fair skin, no tan, with eyes that make you understand she is a woman not to be trifled with. But I digress. Let’s get on with it!

(My apologies on formatting errors-the preview would not match what I was trying to do)

Clive Owen as Superman

He’s got the slim cut look, and man he’s got the acting chops to pull off a mild mannered news reporter and a man of steel. Superman was probably the toughest one I cast.

Clark Bartram as Batman

He’s the only one I cast that’s already played the part. Seriously, look at him. If you haven’t seen Batman: Dead End, you should. Just ignore the horrible Joker played by Growing Pains alum Boner.

 Eva Green as Wonder Woman

She’s a versatile actress. She would need a little training to be an Amazonian fighter, but Wonder Woman is the type who would put someone down with the tiniest amount of effort possible, because you’re not worth her time. Eva can totally pull off the ‘tude of I’m better than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it, be happy I’m on your side.

 Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

I can admit this is fan favorite casting. As great of a job Ryan Reynolds did given the script he had, Nathan is completely the sarcastic boy scout that Hal is supposed to be. Ryan’s portrayal was a bit more cocky than needed to be.

 Doug Jones as Martian Manhunter

In my version, Martian will be a combo of make up and motion capture. Some may say that Andy Serkis is the king of  motion capture, but Doug has the experience of both, and he’s got the alien and superhero experience.

 Daniel Craig as Aquaman

Daniel Craig has played many roles that are the loner type who perfers not to ask for help. I’ve always thought of the Atlantian King Arthur as British anyway. I thought about his as Batman, but I couldn’t envision him as much of a team player as Batman is. I think Craig would be the only man qualified to play this role and make people take Aquaman as the serious threat he can be.

Mark Valley as Barry Allen/The Flash

If you’ve seen Human Target, then you know Mark Valley is very much an action actor with just the right amount of sarcastic humor that fits Barry Allen.

Jay Baruchel as Plastic Man

He’s a lanky funny guy who is somehow much cooler than you would think he is. And often times that coolness can be just in his head. That description can describe both the actor and the character.

Of course, there would be some scenes aboard the Watchtower. With that in mind there would be cameos aplenty. Here are some of my favorites, who could also join in the climactic battle-more on that after the cameo casting.

 Paul Rudd as Blue Beelte II and Bradley Cooper as Booster Gold

One is just happy to be considered a superhero and the other is constantly trying to show he’s more than what people consider him to be. Who else can play these bosom buddies the way these two would?

 Christina Hendricks as Power Girl

Much like Craig/Aquaman, she is the only person with the right build and enough talent for people to see the character as a superhero and not a joke.

 Kristen Bell as Supergirl

Do I really need to explain this one?

 Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel

This is a guy that can pull off the ham and then become an imposing figure at the drop of a dime. He would be perfect to play a little boy in a man’s body without overdoing it.

Sean Bean as Hawkman

I just want to see him deliver an inspiring monologue, kick some ass, and maybe even die a hero’s death.

 Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary

I expect David Gallagher to agree with this the most. You should check her out busting chops in the Chuck television series.

David Duchovny as The Question

Who else should play a conspiracy uncovering agent than the guy with the most experience playing those kind of characters?

Next: I’ll cast the Villains! But who should be the villains? The Legion of Doom? Darkseid? The Crime Syndicate? Tell me what you think!


EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorite guest roles!

 Scott Caan as Green Arrow

Scott Caan has the uncanny ability to get the right balance of arrogance and charm needed to play Oliver Queen. And have you seen his majestic handlebar goatee?


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Alrighty patighty.
It’s taken me long enough to let you know how my recent LA trip went for the FOURPLAY: Tampa North American premiere.
A couple of questions first:
1. I will post my blogs from the week I shot Tampa. I blogged each day after shooting. I had to wait though, because my director was understandably afraid of spoilers. I tend to find long blogs intimidating to read and, for whatever reason, I tend to think long=boring. So would you rather I put each individual day’s blog as it’s own blog, or just put them all in as one blog entry? Pics will accompany.
2. I recently bought myself a HD camcorder to film myself for any auditions I need to submit over the interwebs. I am toying w/the idea of doing a vlog. Would any of you watch that, or are you content to read my ramblings and shenanigans?
Back to business.
The trip.
My first day in, the director and his partner/our screenwriter picked me up at the airport, having themselves only been in LA for about an hour. You would think two gay men would have more luggage than me, the straight guy. But no sir, I had more luggage than both of them combined. One big suitcase and my carryon (mostly for the laptop) versus their two satchels. We checked into the Outfest program at the Director’s Guild Theater and then checked into our rooms at Stay Hotel, which was a pretty nice place. I guess you could call it an upscale hostel.
That night, we went to the Outfest opening night at the Oprheum Theater! I didn’t know Outfest was such a big deal! There was a preparty which we found out was only for directors and big money sponsors, so the screenwriter and I were booted. We went to a bar next to the Oprhum and were later joined by the director.
The festival started with some speeches by important peeps and Rupaul presenting the 15th Annual Outfest Achievement Award. The film screened as the opener to the festival was Gun Hill Road, a really good film. After that, we went to the opening night party. I saw Neil Patrick Harris, who I made eye contact with, but I could tell he just wanted to be with friends, so I let him be. I also saw Rex Lee, who plays one of my favorite characters on Entourage, which is on HBO, a big sponsor of Outfest. We made eye contact and he gave me the “Do I know you? You look really familiar” look, but I do tend to remind people of someone else, and we were amidst a large crowd; so granted he was only two people away from me, I was swept by the people current going the direction of free food. We didn’t stick around for long, since the three of us had been up since maybe dawn and had spent most of the day walking around on top of feeling a little jet lag. We stopped at a 24 hour cafe, grabbed some grub, and turned in for the night.
The next day, I met up w/some old friends, Mary and Tara for lunch. It was awesome to catch up and laugh laugh laugh over old times.
I honestly thought they were going to be the only friends I saw on this trip. No offense to my other friends, but they’re actors. We’re wishy washy people. At our premiere that night though, not only was I proven wrong, I was met by people I didn’t even tell I was going to LA. My friend Vivian showed up w/her husband and another old friend from colllege, Tiffanie. Arlene, who I “forgot” to message, showed up with Kinzy, who was on a road trip from Austin, who told her about the premiere after seeing my FB updates that same day. I say forgot with quotes, for Arlene, because I honestly thought she wouldn’t have cared to go or see me. All this after my “date” bailed on me. It was quite a boost to find out I had more friends than previously thought. I was more nervous to see them than about the premiere. I talked with them briefly at the preparty. Vivian and Tiffanie were able to (barely) stick around after the Q&A. We chatted, caught up, and reminisced for about 15 minutes before they had to jet. Kinzy and Arlene had to go pick up another old friend, Jojanie, and continue their night elsewhere.
As for the film itself, it was the last of five shorts in the “Shots in the Dark” series. Ours was the last one shown and I think the second best of the night; it was very well received. Kyle, the director, thinks ours was the best though. The Q&A was for the filmakers at the conclusion of the night, but for whatever reason, Kyle brought me and Carlos, the screenwriter, up.
After that, we celebrated our premiere at Edendale where I saw Adam Goldberg and later Kyle Bornheimer who gave me a “Do I know you?” double take. I have found that the more drunk someone is, the more they think they might know me. For those who don’t know me too well, one of my (many) traditions is to get a drink (yep, a real alchohol type beverage) and make a toast to the cast/crew at a cast party, usually opening night or closing night. My director found this out about me, and asked if I would do this for our film and when during filming in Tampa. Since our premiere was technically opening night,and we were out celebrating, I did it then and there. Granted only the director, the screenwriter, the cinematographer, myself, and one of the extras were there, I felt it was good enough a time for it. It was a nice quick toast and we each downed our tequila shots. Mine was a double shot, of course. The extra didn’t partake; mostly because I bought the shots and I barely knew him. I didn’t even meet him during the shoot! Sorry. No offense, extra guy.
On Saturday, I met up with my bud, Sesar, and his fiance, Stephanie. Watch out for Sesar! He’s making a name for himself out there! We spent the day at Universal Studios; I got in free thanks to the aforementioned friend Mary, who is a tour guide there.
It was a GREAT day indeed. We got some grub at Fred 62, which Sesar considers the LA equivalent of Magnolia Cafe. I agree with him on that. After that, we had desert at House of Pie and then met up w/Kinzy, Arlene, and Jojanie back at Edendale!
Sunday morn, I met up with galpal, Laura, who was a bit hungover. I honestly think she met up w/me out of obligation rather than want, but I appreciated her effort w/the hangover and gladly paid for her breakfast. She dropped me off at the airport and I came back refreshed and tired at the same time.
Oof. Methinks this was a long blog. I hope you made it through!
Shout out to Alina Vega! GET WELL SOON!

Blog and white

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Another (thankfully) slow Sunday here at work. I forgot my wordpress pw so I’m doing an e-mail draft till I get home.
I’ve got an audition today for an animated web series. Even if I don’t get it, I’m looking forward to how fun that’s going to be. I’ll provide more info if I get cast.
Friday I got a call from my agent. Looks like I’ve booked another PSA… without having to audition… AGAIN. Yay me! It was kind of a misunderstanding that led to me just getting cast but it’s cool. They thought I was on the “inactive” list, which led to the casting director telling my agent to just offer me the part. She wanted to work with me anyway, so had I been on the active list, I might have auditioned just as a formality. It’s another bilingual one so I hope I get that script as soon as possible!
In July, I’ll be going to LA for the stateside premiere of FOURPLAY: Tampa. I can’t wait. After that, it hopefully won’t be much longer till I can finally put up my blogs from filming. I had to refrain from that, per the director’s request due to possible spoilers. I agree with him. When I put them up, I’ll include some pics too. Enjoy the sneak peak pic above till then.
Ya know, I was thinking about the (lack of) audition for the gig I got on Friday. I REALLY need to get out to LA. If I’m at a point in Austin, where I’ve landed two gigs without auditioning, who’s to say I can’t get to that point in LA w/commercials or even pilots. I know two gigs isn’t that many, but I also know of at least one where the audition was only a formality, and there aren’t many actors who can say they didn’t have to audition for a gig, stage shows not included. So I really need to get out to LA and start making a name for myself. I honestly feel I’m already past my comedic prime-dont’ get me wrong, I know I’m still funny-so I better get out there while I still can!

Trust me. I’m the Blogtor.

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Hokay peeps.

Howya been?

Man. I’ve been busy. Lots of ups and downs.

After Trouble Puppet’s The Jungle closed, I turned around and started tech week for the Out of Ink festival. Thanks to everyone who came out for both. But to my fellow geeks, those of you who missed Out of Ink, you missed the ONE CHANCE to see me play a role that’s the closest I’ll ever get to playing The Doctor. You really missed out.

Oh aaaaaaannnd:


But I digress.

Remember the short film I did last year? IT’S GOING TO CANNES! The Cannes Directors Fortnight to be exact. It was one of only FOURTEEN shorts chosen to be screened; and the only American one. I was invited to go, and there was the slimmest possibility that my way would have been (partially) paid. The film itself was barely produced, and is still trying to raise money, so I knew not to hold my breath; but it was still disappointing when I was told I had to cover my own expenses to get to Paris. So I won’t be attending.

Anyway, there’s a sneak peek at a rough cut next Sat May 30th @ 1pm at the Alamo Ritz. If you can, please make it out. Tickets are a bit pricey, but it’s a fundraiser, and I believe they will be showing one of the other FOURPLAY shorts along with it.

It’s also going to be shown at this year’s Outfest in LA; so if I’ve got any LA peeps reading this, I’ll be visiting you soon.


There are also talks for it to go to another LOCAL but big named film festival. We’ll see what happens.